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best haircut in your opinion?

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ithoughtofitfirst Wed 07-Jan-15 16:05:09

What are MNers (male and female) loving these days? There seem to about 59 billion different hair styles these days... With retro ones thrown in to confuse matters.

ZaraW Wed 07-Jan-15 16:22:27

I visited Mat James last year and now embrace my curls. By adding layers my curls get chance to form and look great.

I just wash and leave to air dry and my hair has never looked better or been healthier. Wish I had done it years ago rather than be a slave to the blow dryer and straightening irons.

singleandfabulous Wed 07-Jan-15 16:23:28

Depends entirely on the person; height, weight; hair type; length; face shape etc..

Personally, I like long, layered natural looking hair with minimal artificial colour.

As an aside, I didn't know that MNeters were a collective.

ithoughtofitfirst Wed 07-Jan-15 16:29:48

Is that a grammar thing? Sorry single I'm not the brightest crayon in the box!

I have always wanted curly hair. I love it when a professional gives you good advice based on the hair you actually have.

GlitzAndGigglesx Wed 07-Jan-15 16:39:30

I love long layered hair in a caramel colour. I had this once upon a time then chopped it off and went darker angry

ithoughtofitfirst Wed 07-Jan-15 16:43:41

bummer glitz. And growing it is so tedious. I feel your pain. Maybe that is quite an up to date hairstyle. Hair that doesn't look overly done in any way.

velourvoyageur Wed 07-Jan-15 19:17:28

I looove the choppy bobs on the Zara models, think they're so cute and versatile.
I had the exact same when I was 8 and hated it. It was even all messy like that without all the hairspray etc. Maybe in a year I'll get my hair chopped. But I probably won't!

ithoughtofitfirst Thu 08-Jan-15 05:44:02

I think I know the ones you mean. I really look one length long bobs atm. No fringe just slightly cut in round the face. And when people wear them with a really deep side part.

Wellieswithaholein Thu 08-Jan-15 09:13:21

I like mid to long, looked after but not too "styled", more slightly messy rock chick.
I also like real sharp modern looking bobs and it has to be really straight.

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