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Terrible acne during pregnancy

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NotBeingRudeBut Fri 02-Jan-15 11:00:29

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and have terrible spots on my face. I don't have the best skin when not pregnant but nowhere near as bad as this.

Can anyone recommend some products or treatments that are safe to use during pregnancy. I've asked at pharmacy and they've been absolutely useless with their advice, and I'm hoping to avoid a trip to the GP.

I don't care how much I spend - just want to feel (and look better).

BustleInYourHedgerow Fri 02-Jan-15 14:05:53

Neutrogena face wash, the green or blue one. Sudocreme, a light layer during the night, then wash and moisturise with aldi lacura q10 in the morning. I feel your pain, my acne is normally under control but I break out terribly during pregnancy. The above worked for me when pregnant with DS2. The lacura moisturiser is great for acne for some reason. Have a look at the skincare addiction sub on Reddit too, its great for acne info.

NotBeingRudeBut Fri 02-Jan-15 16:14:10

Thanks Bustle - that's really interesting. Heard good things about the Lacura moisturiser so will stop by Aldi on my way home from work. Will try the Neutrogena too and got loads of sudocrem at home.

Have cheered up now!!

whitebits Fri 02-Jan-15 16:23:38

I started oil cleansing with olive oil then coconut oil when I was pregnant with DS (now 6) and still do this now. It didn't take the acne away but my skin definitely didn't look as red or angry. It was the best thing I've done for my skin. I also just use a layer of coconut oil on my face before bed as a moisturiser. Cheap as chips too if you but it from the supermarket, just make sure it's pure coconut oil. I use plain old Olay as a moisturiser for day time. Someone told me a few months ago that I had beautiful skin (a complete stranger) I could have kissed her, especially when I think about how awful my skin has been in the past.

NotBeingRudeBut Fri 02-Jan-15 17:00:52

How does the oil cleansing thing work? Just rub it on then buff off with a muslin cloth? Whitebits - that was a nice compliment from the stranger......what a nice thing to say.

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