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Decent hair dryers!

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Chesterado Wed 24-Dec-14 20:08:59

Hair dryer number three in as many years has just gone pop.

Any suggestions for something decent that might last a bit longer? I'm considering investing in a parlux but any other alternatives or sale bargain suggestions would be great - thank you!

FabulousFudge Wed 24-Dec-14 20:28:36

Parleux or GHD worth every penny!

VeganCow Wed 24-Dec-14 22:14:47

this is very very good

ladybird69 Wed 24-Dec-14 22:18:16

Babyliss no question bout it. I've had mine for 28years grin a present from my ex, its lasted longer than my marriage!!!

bloomingheather Wed 24-Dec-14 22:21:42

My hairdresser uses a Diva hairdryer that he swears is as good as a Parlux and half the price. I'm hoping for one for Christmas (maybe!). here

Chesterado Wed 24-Dec-14 22:26:46

Thanks for the suggestions - off to investigate! The diva one looks like one I've seen in the hairdressers too!

bloomingheather Wed 24-Dec-14 22:44:11

Ah, good Chester. He loves them and it seems to go a good job of my curly mop!

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