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Oh balls, it's the office Christmas party

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CalamityJones Wed 10-Dec-14 05:40:44

Next Friday. And I need an outfit. Professional environment so everyone dresses quite smartly - I'm late 30's, size 12, 5'8, very good legs. There's nothing in my wardrobe that feels quite right. I'm thinking something like or with Pistols- nice? Boring? Bit mutton-y? And where the hell can I buy it?

Looks great!

No help with the skirt I'm afraid as have been looking for a gold sequin tube skirt for ages. Mango have a black one. I thought new look might be doing them again but not as far as I can see.

RojaGato Wed 10-Dec-14 19:09:03

Don't think it looks muttony at all. I am late 30s and wear short sparkly skirts. I love sequins dressed down as daywear especially.

Have this one which goes with loads and dress up and down easily:,mon_1.11/6410186116

Tried this zara one one and it is lovely and very good quality for the money. I'm 5'4" so it was a bit long for me and couldn't see how I could shorten it without spoiling it. You're a good bit taller than me so it could work

Saw the dress version of this in French Connection at the weekend. It is lovely, but what the picture doesn't show ell it that sequins are holographic with a red contrast when it catches the light right, so it's very va-va voom if you want to go really full on. It does add an extra dimension tot he sparkle though, gives it some real depth.


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