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Wedding/Christmas party style help!

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I need urgent style advice from the lovely S&B ladies. I have a wedding reception and several Christmas parties coming up, and not a clue what to wear... I've lost weight this year, and don't know how to dress for this new shape. help!

I am 25 yo, 5 ft 3 and a size 14. I was a size 18 last year so have done well but nowhere near where I want to be. Large norks (32GG), pot belly, nice legs. Not much money. Any miracle workers out there?grin

Here is a pic of my rather lumpy body, if that helps grin

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honjin Wed 03-Dec-14 14:28:49

I'm in love with this site at the moment where you can buy stuff for just 15% of the retail price, if you give them some of your old items.

I think this dress, , would look great on you, especially since you have nice legs! And its a bargain, would cost you only £12 if you had shop credit.

(they're actually doing a promotion this week where they're offering £100 of starter credit if you enter the code MoonRiver at checkout, so you can buy items straightaway! Then they'll arrange to pick up your old items when they deliver your new purchase.)

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