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Anyone seen any lovely pink blouses?

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coffeenut Sat 15-Nov-14 09:19:53

Preferably with sleeves. Not fussed about the shade of pink as long as it's fairly vibrant (pastels wash me out).

KikitheKitKat Sat 15-Nov-14 16:43:46

Not entirely pink but I do like this.

Or this?

yazzy85 Sat 15-Nov-14 18:37:34

I saw some in Dorothy Perkins today, lots of different shades of pink.

luckylala Sat 15-Nov-14 19:32:04

Lovely coral pink one in River Island, with a wrap over front. I've got one in electric blue and one in black. Wear them lots.

SinglePringle Sat 15-Nov-14 19:33:45

Pink silk blouses in '& Other Stories'. Around £60 I think.

MyVegasBaby Sat 15-Nov-14 22:30:46

This looks nice {{}}

Meloria Sun 16-Nov-14 08:22:54

Principles have an amazing one at the moment with a zip front and darts on the shoulders. It's the brightest pink but looks gorgeous, £35 but looks twice the price.

Meloria Sun 16-Nov-14 08:24:13

coffeenut Sun 16-Nov-14 08:33:33

Thanks for your replies! I'm after something not too shirt-like (I'm pairing with navy pencil skirt for Christmas type parties & don't want to look too offices). I like the warehouse one but need more of a sleeve .... Just looked at the wrap blouses on RI but I think that might be too much out front for me (I have biggish boobs). Something like this but with a lower neck is along the lines of what I was thinking ...

coffeenut Sun 16-Nov-14 08:35:36

Oh thanks Meloria! Definitely will order that one!!

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