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Work/laptop bag - help me choose please.

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jamaisjedors Fri 31-Oct-14 10:09:38

I have trawled through old threads about this very subject and narrowed my choices down to a Knomo bag as I will be ordering online and need to be sure it will fit my laptop.

Just started a new role where I have a lot of meetings in different places (will be driving to most of them and have a backpack for overseas/longer travel) and need to carry around my laptop and a large notebook and various handbag stuff.

I am currently carrying 3 bags around with me and looking like a bag lady - handbag, "school bag" with marking etc., and standard-issue black Dell laptop bag.

I would like to streamline that into one bag for meetings (the marking can stay in the car!).

Here are some contenders, any thoughts?

jamaisjedors Fri 31-Oct-14 10:10:19


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