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Yellow hair help

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Coffeemonster1 Thu 03-Apr-14 16:19:29

I had highlights put in to get my hair a little more blonde. I said I wanted to go a lot lighter but not a brassy yellow look. So she put lots of highlights it which she said would lift the colour a lot. she also used a toner to stop it going yellow? But all my hair just looks highlighted yellow now. How can I get yellow out my hair or at least tone it down until next time sad

LIDLrichard Thu 03-Apr-14 16:46:06

Were you quite dark to start with? It can be hard to completely eradicate gold tones in blonde when it's been lifted from dark brown, or previously coloured hair.

When did you have it done? Go back to your colourist and get her to put another toner on. She should be able to formulate one with stronger silver/ash tones to tone the gold down more. It won't take long and she shouldn't charge you if you're not happy.

rockpink Thu 03-Apr-14 17:56:11

Silver shampoo and intensive conditioner (pro something) from the £1 shop, works a treat!

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