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Anybody seen any cute comfy wedged ballet pumps or similar?

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I walk a lot but can't walk in flat shoes (too many years of heels everywhere!) and aswell as needing new sandals,I would like some wedged ballet pumps/court shoes maybe even nice moccasins?

The only issue is,due to the walking (school run etc) I don't want wedges that taper in much nor hard plastic sole and wedge.

Anything around?

stooshe Mon 10-Mar-14 19:04:48

Rather expensive (I bought new), but I bought a pair of Lanvin wedged ballet pumps a few years back and they are still going strong (obviously, I have them resoled, etc).
If you are not scornful and haven't got size 8 feet like me, Ebay have a lot of Lanvin Ballet pumps on auction at the minute. Obviously, you would have to ascertain is any are "wedged" or not.
Not that I've looked, but I haven't noticed any other wedged ballet flats about. But they must be out there (as the Lanvin ones are generally very expensive).

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