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HM shirt sizing

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Mrswellyboot Fri 07-Mar-14 22:56:29

Hello, I want to purchase a couple of summery shirts for going back to work. I like a bit of comfort in them as have to lift/stretch a bit. However, want them to flatter.

I have heard different people comment on sizes at H&m. So should I go for a 12 or 14 if I am normally a 12-14 (post baby). Buying online

Nocomet Fri 07-Mar-14 23:01:47

14 (size 12 DDs always has to size up in H&M) and good luck, H&M sizing is awful.

Next or Dotty P's are much better if your want to avoid returns.

CointreauVersial Fri 07-Mar-14 23:15:03

H&M is cut for skinny teens, so comes up on the small side.

Mrswellyboot Fri 07-Mar-14 23:16:23

Thank You nocommet. I bought maternity shirts in H&m and was happy enough with them (but they were small, medium etc) so thought I would try them. Also, no h&m here so wont be dressed the same as eveyone in work and we have a local next smile

stella69x Fri 07-Mar-14 23:26:28

I like h& m shirts as they tend to have some Lycra type quality to them but you have to size up.

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