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" moustache" that isn't really there

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Primadonnagirl Tue 04-Mar-14 21:20:30

Please help me cos I'm developing a real thing about this. I have very fair "English Rose " skin I.e pale, prone to blushing and v sensitive. BUt I have quite dark hair although not v hairy. I usually get my eyebrows threaded once a month and upper lip every two.But recently the beautician has been saying there's nothing much to take off my upper lip..yet I can definitely see a darker line at the mouth

I can see it even though I use a light foundation and it's more noticeable when it's pm and my make up has worn off.I can see it in harsh light like ladies toilets etc. The thing is I have a job where I'm often doing presentations etc so hate to feel self conscious but equally cos of sensitive skin don't want to get threaded unnecessarily cos I always get red spots next day anyway.
Does anyone have experience of this..if there's no hair there what's causing this moustache?? I'm in early menopause if that makes any difference

HollaAtMeBaby Wed 05-Mar-14 23:46:18

Could it be hyperpigmentation?

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