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I know this is probably frowned upon in these parts re. Eyebrows.

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TroLoLo Mon 10-Feb-14 16:08:29

I don't over pluck my eyebrows, they have a nice, full shape but my hair is naturally very thin in the brow department. So I have to fill them in everyday or I look bald. I'm sick of doing this everyday, especially days when I'm in a rush and I can't get the shapes to match angry

Has anyone had their eyebrows tattooed on and would recommend it?

TheGreatHunt Mon 10-Feb-14 16:10:17

You don't have to fill them in. Mine sound like yours. If I filled them in I'd look silly. Maybe try going without (do you wear a lot of make up?) and seeing if you can get used to it? Tattooing is obviously permanent and you might not like the overall finish!

feesh Mon 10-Feb-14 16:13:44

I've had it done and I am really pleased with it. I went to Sophie Thorpe in London, who is one of the best (if you google her you will find newspaper articles etc about her). She makes it look very, very natural.

However, I more recently went to a local lady because I have kids now and getting into London is really difficult. I majorly regret it, she came highly recommended, but I thought she was awful compared to Sophie Thorpe. The new line is very obviously new, and although she claimed to draw individual hairs like Sophie does, she did so many that it ended up as a thick, black line. She kept going on and on about how I managed to have it done without anaesthetic before and insisted on using anaesthetic cream on me. The reason is because she is crap at it compared to Sophie! She went over and over the same area so many bloody times that I was in bloody agony by the end of it.

So, what I am saying is, if you're going to get it done, spend the money on a good therapist, the sort that does celebs/newsreaders/actors etc. Don't scrimp on something as important as having your face tattooed!

UriGeller Mon 10-Feb-14 16:15:13

Id love to know too. Mine are dark (and grow long!) but are a bit patchy which really shows up if I don't comb and shape and fill in. I'd love to have them tattooed, just to fill in the baldy bits.

TroLoLo Mon 10-Feb-14 17:16:22

Feesh, how much would you say was an ok price? I'm in scotland so would be very hard for me to get to London. I look like I have no eyebrows if I don't pencil them in and I'm a fan of darker brows. Not to the extreme of some people I've seen (Scouse Brows)

thesaurusgirl Mon 10-Feb-14 17:34:35

Another who recommends Sophie Thorpe. She is a bit of a legend amongst the meagre of eyebrow. They are not permanent, you'll need them done annually, but £300 a year well spent. Whatever you do, don't look at the needle, I'm very squeamish but the actual "pain" just feels like someone drawing on you with a biro.

She is thinking of winding down her client list I heard, so get in quick.

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