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Best Insoles to keep heels on?

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Snowdown Sun 09-Feb-14 13:03:28

I have a real problem getting comfortable heels, not helped by my right foot being slightly bigger than my left! I have found a really comfortable pair in Hobbs but the left shoe is slightly big and my heel slips out when I walk, the sales assistant suggested insoles, she said they push your foot up the shoe.

Do they work or is this just sales talk, do I buy a full insole or a half and which brand do you recommend?

justkeeponsmiling Sun 09-Feb-14 15:23:41

I have no suggestion but watching with interest, I've got the same problem!!

whatshallwedo Sun 09-Feb-14 16:19:08

I would use a heel grip rather than an insole. You can buy them from most shoe shops i.e Clarks or shoe repairers.

I use them quite a bit and as they are small and fit along the inside of the shoe back you don't notice them.

Yoghurty Sun 09-Feb-14 16:39:43

Half insole, leather is best.
I've posted this before but apparently in heels, your foot slides down because of the angle. A half leather insole raises your foot slightly, gives it grip and pushes it back up the shoe.
All my heels have half insoles in.
Heel grips don't work well, I find.

PottedPlant Sun 09-Feb-14 17:00:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VarsityQueen Sun 09-Feb-14 20:09:28

I prefer foam or terry towelling insoles as find leather slippy if you are wearing tights or pop socks. Definitely agree that heel grips don't really help. I usually use full ones but with foam you can cut to 3/4 length too

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 11-Feb-14 14:56:41

there is something called sizers on amazon which are spongy things that fit in the front of your shoes they seem good as I have same problem with heels and used to stuff the toes with tissues which was never very successful smile

Snowdown Sat 15-Feb-14 19:25:33

I bought the sizers! And they work and my first proper pair of heels feel pretty comfortable and stay on my feet. Not sure I'd use them to resize normal shoes though, don't like the idea of the shoes rubbing against my toes but in heels it's like that anyway.

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