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help me give shoes that fit?! narrow feet and heels

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principalitygirl Thu 06-Feb-14 13:35:40

At end of tether! Desperately need:

- low or high casual boots (chunky /biker type or pixie type) in black or brown or grey - must be flat or only have low block heel 1in max, not wedged. leather or nubuck not suede or man made.

- high casual boots in black, again same heel, not wedged. leather or nubuck not suede or man made.

Am a 6.5 assuming that's available but even some 6.5 don't suit.

7 is always too big esp if a wide style and 6 always too small. I sometimes gamble with a 6 if in leather and hope they'll stretch - they tend not to. Or get a 7 too big and faffing with insoles and thick socks.

Most end up going back to shop or to charity shop a few weeks later.

Have had luck before in Clarks, Jones and Asda. Even they're failing me now!

Things never seem to fit round back of heel and slip or are too wide or 'deep' over instep. Grrrrr!

principalitygirl Thu 06-Feb-14 13:36:16

get not give!!

Notgoingtotakeitanymore Thu 06-Feb-14 17:30:38

Have you tried duo for width fitting shoes?

Notgoingtotakeitanymore Thu 06-Feb-14 17:32:44

Also depending on style you like some clrks originals are a bit narrower c fit. Online jamesinglis but styles notgreat.

gaschick Thu 06-Feb-14 20:36:48

Fear not! I have 6.5-7 AA feet with even narrower heels. I have had success recently with Duo boots in their narrow size, James Inlges, and Medissa shoes. James Ingles are based in Peebles, Scotland, Medissa Shoes are in Liversage and have sales around the country where they bring a selection of their stock to try and buy. The dates are on their website. The other specialist narrow fitting shoe and boot seller is Special Feetures, based in Surrey. You can make appointments to visit the showroom, but mostly they are mail order only. They tend to be a bit more expensive as they often have boots made just for them.

I go to Duo in Milson Street Bath. I strongly recommend using their fitting guide advice on their website. They also do calf fitting boots and have a variety of styles available that might fit your wants.

Happy browsing!

principalitygirl Fri 07-Feb-14 09:23:28

Thanks for the suggestions!

I remember duo from a few years ago but didn't knew they did narrow - thought they just did wide calf boots.

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