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Evening out outfits - inspiration needed!

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sotiredfornow Sat 28-Dec-13 12:15:04

There was a thread about this recently but I can't find it. I go out roughly once a month to the following - meal/drinks in local pub with the girls, meal with DH, birthday party with DH. None of which need to be super dressy but still far from my day to day uniform as SAHM.

So, for 2014 I'd very much like to plan ahead and get a selection of outfits sorted to suit all occasions. I've sort of lost site of what's current.

My problem is I'm not a fan of skinny jeans (I'm very slim UK 6-8 but jeans highlight how short I am).

Would the Boden Bistro trousers (sorry can't link on phone) be a good buy? I already have black suede shoe boots.

Am I right in thinking its current to wear a dressier bottom half and more casual top half?

I've seen tube skirts which I quite like the idea of with black tights & my black shoe boots, but what top would I wear?

I'm 29 so still young! Any help much appreciated!! grin

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