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Hush - any recent experience?

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ElizabethBathory Wed 30-Oct-13 14:32:37

Yes it was Sunny - to me that was a bonus, but I often make adjustments to clothes, dying, chopping, changing buttons etc! It's now a normal sized snood and the chopped off bit I use as a buff for cycling.

SunnyUpNorth Wed 30-Oct-13 14:25:29

Thanks a.

Elizabeth - was that the scarf that you had to cut in half?!

I am very tempted by the Amy dress now and maybe a log vest.

DreamingAlice Wed 30-Oct-13 11:24:18

I have a few Hush things- muse skirt, felted wool dress, leggings and a pair of pyjamas. All very nice though I think the leggings were pricey for what they are. I love my pjs, very soft. The quality of everything seems to me to be OK (apart from the wristwarmers, see below). I missed out on the muse skirt last year so paid full price for it but did get some money back via topcashback, which regularly offer 10% cash back. They often have free shipping & returns deals. The good stuff does tend to sell out.

I had the cashmere wristwarmers and I am sorry to say they were a disappointment- mainly because the tag seemed to be in an awkward place and they didn't hold up well, unfortunately.

Flossiechops Wed 30-Oct-13 10:52:20

The sales are pretty good - typically 30-50% off. No way would I pay full price for their clothes!

Flossiechops Wed 30-Oct-13 10:51:05

If your tall and slim the Amy dress will suit you. I have 2 from last season but being only 5ft 2in, size 12 I feel a little dumpy in them. I also a Henley top and dress - the dress is not a dress but more of a long top and not good on curves. Not at all impressed with the quality - the Henley top and a long cardigan I bought just after Christmas both have small holes in the fabric. They don't particularly wash well either and have gone out of shape. The dresses have both gone slightly bobbly too. I adore the style of their clothes but the quality just does not match the price. I only buy in the end of season sale.

ElizabethBathory Wed 30-Oct-13 09:18:44

The clothes do smell v strongly of some kind of perfume when they arrive - might be scented paper that they wrap them in? I don't mind it but can see it would bother some.

I have two of the long tanks and do like them, material is thick and good quality. Also have their jersey snood which is lovely, thick and heavy. Didn't like their leggings though, they were too long, itchy and baggy on my knees.

For 10% off try doing 10oct, or 10nov etc, depending what month it is. That seems to be the formula they use!

mysteryfairy Wed 30-Oct-13 08:40:14

The boots are gorgeous but so expensive. I would either price down to something like H by Hudson where at least you are getting boots made by a specialist firm or up to Acne which at that price you are not far off price wise anyway.

SunnyUpNorth Wed 30-Oct-13 08:15:39

Also meant to ask, are the sales good? Would it be worth hanging on until late Dec/January? Presuming it starts the same time as the other sales.

SunnyUpNorth Tue 29-Oct-13 15:04:13

Very useful, thanks Anatanacoat.

I am 5'10 too so am interested to hear the leggings are nice and long. I will look up the wool henley, not sure what that is.

Quite tempted by the Amy. Might order both sizes if they do a free returns.

Anatanacoat Tue 29-Oct-13 14:04:49

I have the Amy and it's fab - wore it constantly last winter and am sure to again this time. I have it in a M/L and it's quite roomy on me (5'10, 12-14, 32E) but that works fine as I often wear a wool henley, and sometimes a jumper, underneath. I will buy another in the sale, maybe two!

The Henley dress is a different material completely, and a bit clingy. I don't wear that one so much. It's not as flattering as the Amy, which really looks fab - it's got a sort of structure/heft to the knit that skims lumps, whereas the Henley is a much smoother and thinner material. The leggings are v good and thick. They're a bit long for me and the M/L are WAY too big for me. I buy the S/M for those.

The cotton henleys are nothing special and the vests, while nice and thick, are short in the body and have no room for boobs. Oh, I don't know about the longer length ones they do now but the old vests were a bit crap. The wool henleys are great and much better than they used to be. I have some from Hush of old that have just fallen apart but the newer ones are excellent quality and wash really well.

I found the jersey blazer rather boxy but I am v tall. The M/L was huge on me and I would size down for that. And I still wear it, despite its boxiness, so it can't be that bad. It's very comfortable. DH calls my Hush clothes my stealth pyjamas and he's right, they're just like jim jams you can wear outside.

Snowlike Tue 29-Oct-13 13:59:00

Anyone have the Dolmon sloppy joe in liquorice - what colour is it? Brown or grey?

Snowlike Tue 29-Oct-13 13:55:24

I have the Henley dress, it bags around the bum....looks awful after about 20mins wear. Had the sloppy Jo v neck that too loses shape. But have the harems and the ruched skirt and they are fine. Agree the styling is great and customer service has been good too.

ArtemisatBrauron Tue 29-Oct-13 13:50:25

I have lots of pyjamas, and the jersey tube skirt from this season, have also bought hats/scarves from there as gifts. Quality is lovely, but the sizing is HUGE, so definitely size down!

SunnyUpNorth Tue 29-Oct-13 13:47:48

Any other opinions?

SunnyUpNorth Mon 28-Oct-13 22:10:03

Shredded is the Henley dress basically the Amy but with long sleeves?

SunnyUpNorth Mon 28-Oct-13 22:08:22

Oh yes I bought the cashmere wrist warmers for mil as well as the jumper but haven't seen them in the flesh yet.

I do like the dark grey leggings, are they nice and thick?

I have also heard conflicting things about the sizing. Someone I was talking to is a 10 and has the Amy in a m/l. She said it fits perfectly?

Mumraathenoisylion Mon 28-Oct-13 22:01:16

I'm sure I had a 10% off code with my last order! You can also go through top cash back and get another 12% back.

I love hush but don't have the ones you like, I have the muse skirt, leggings, starry dolman jumper and have the waffle scarf in grey on the way. I'm about to buy some wrist warmers and the amy dress. The quality of everything I have bought this season has been great.

SunnyUpNorth Mon 28-Oct-13 21:49:48

Ooh thanks!

Yes I do have several of the h&m long vests which are good and could be replaced quite frequently at that price when the white isn't so pristine any more. But I do like a thick vest, I'm thinking of the Isabella oliver ones I had when pregnant.

Do Hush ever do discounts? I bought a jumper for my mil there recently (when I discovered it) and got an email for 10% off but didn't realise it expired so quickly. I searched online but couldn't find any discounts sad

ShreddedHoops Mon 28-Oct-13 21:42:37

Love Hush, my favourite shop! Quality does vary and sizing is huge. Tbh you can't do much better than H and M for long vests - the £3.99 ones are long, cotton/elastane and wash perfectly. I have 4 dresses - Henley, Michelle, Sloppy Joe and the dip hem long sleeved one and I love them all. Also several jammies, socks, and a jersey blazer which is lovely and useful. I do find it quite pricey but then I'm skint. It's probably worth full price but I tend to wait for sales unless I'm desperate as the good stuff does sell out.

SunnyUpNorth Mon 28-Oct-13 21:19:09

I am being totally sucked in by the gorgeous styling/marketing of Hush. It is totally the look I want to achieve at the moment. I'm a SAHM and the outfits they put together look comfy yet reasonably stylish, as well as being quite versatile.

However, I have found two old threads discussing Hush. Both have quite mixed views of the quality. Has this improved at all? Also one thread mentions how nice all the clothes smell and then on the other lots of people mention that the clothes are really stinky when they arrive!

The items I am particularly keen on are:
The Amy dress
Long tank
Henley top
These boots, which I looooooooove!

If anyone has these specific items I would love to hear about them. Or where could I buy cheaper versions? I checked out Matalan today for longer length vests but they weren't great. I was hoping for a thicker fabric.

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