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What are SAHMs to young children wearing?

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dojonoodle Mon 26-Aug-13 17:30:20

I'm mainly a SAHM (do a bit of work from home) so don't need any smart office type clothes at the moment.

A lot of my time is spent with a toddler at home/ out and about at the usual activities, doing the school run in the British weather.

I have a warm Winter coat so I don't need that but I am bit bored of wearing jeans and jersey tops.

I would love some inspiration from other SAHMs or those who work at home or in casual environments. I would like something a bit more individual and prettier than jeans/ boots/ functional jumpers.

Can anyone inspire me with more interesting outfits or link to casual and comfortable trousers, skirts or dresses? I would also be interested in blouses than can be worn with a layer underneath (necessary in Winter as my house is old and v cold).

Many thanks.

dojonoodle Mon 26-Aug-13 19:15:38

Bumping for the evening!

forevergreek Mon 26-Aug-13 20:19:01

I tend to wear knitted dresses, leggings/tights and boots in winter, and a summer dress in summer. If I wear jeans then dark skinny with a oversized shirt ( usually white) and belt.

SayHelloToMyLittleFriend Mon 26-Aug-13 20:39:41

I was just thinking today that I'm bored of always wearing skinny jeans and need to buy some new clothes. I'm a stay at home mum and I honestly feel like I put more thought in to my daughters outfits than my own.

I'm going to have a look online now so will link if I see anything nice but hopefully someone else will come along with ideas too.

mummy1973 Mon 26-Aug-13 20:53:08

Maybe try dresses? I find these easy as it is an all-in-one outfit rather than skirts and tops or trousers and tops. Also looks a bit different if you go for some interesting colours and patterns.

dojonoodle Mon 26-Aug-13 22:20:07

Yes. Knitted dresses sound good. Can anyone recommend a good place for me to start looking or link to something?

SunnyUpNorth Mon 26-Aug-13 23:12:31

I'm in exactly the same boat but really want to get out of that rut.

I wear alot of jeans with things like Breton tops, or leggings with knitted dresses in the winter. I too have a freezing old house so need to dress warmly and practically.

I've been trying to pay attention to other People lately to try and notice what I like about their outfits. Quite often I find that either they're wearing pretty simple things but they are really nice quality, or else they have dressed a simple outfit up with a nice bag or nice accessory like a belt or necklace.

I think that might be where I fall down. I think my basic clothes are quite nice but I don't think I finish the outfit off. I am reluctant to spend money on accessories due to the fact that I rarely think to wear them. I want to wear stuff like messy scarves but they're not that practical with babies and toddlers.

I too take delight in planning my DD's outfits!

flowersinavase Mon 26-Aug-13 23:18:31

I'm going for dresses this fall/winter. Easy, stylish and quick. With leggings/thick tights and nice boots. And I agree that the way to make an outfit stylish is using small additions, so I'm trying to be strict and make myself wear a necklace/bracelet etc every day in the hope this will become habit...

BridgeMix Mon 26-Aug-13 23:42:21

It's occurring to me that I too put more time, money and effort into my little ones' clothes than my own! grin so I have no advice, but am keen to hear from those who do...

TrucksAndDinosaurs Tue 27-Aug-13 00:17:56

A major style handicap for me the last 2 years was whenever I wore anything round my neck my toddler garrotted me with it, or pulled it and broke it/stretched it.
So that was jewellery and scarves out.
Hair had to be tied back, shoes flat so I could chase escaping toddler, and everything got covered in banana and snotty fingers. No dresses because of flashing knickers when squatting or crawling after toddler. Complexion grey from multiple night wakings.

So, patterned sacks with leggings or shorts was what I wore for 2.5 bloody years. No wonder I ate all the toast and despaired.

I wish you s more stylish and fun experience than me.

ZadokTheBeast Tue 27-Aug-13 00:27:43

Jesus. My DD is always beautifully dressed and I always look like a dog's breakfast. Ditto no jewellery or scarfs. My idea of a successful day is going out wearing something clean. I only realised last week, when I was planning to blow-dry my hair in preparation for an interview, that I don't have a mirror anywhere near a plug socket. In fairness I am living through a renovation project but still . . . I feel ashamed. I'm going to lurk here on your handy thread and feed parasitically on good advice!!

TrucksAndDinosaurs Tue 27-Aug-13 01:16:52

DS was always nicely dressed for about ten minutes when he got up. Then, chaos, crumbs, for the state of the pushchair and car seat <despairs>.

I basically now look nice when he's at playgroup or in the supermarket. Then I get home with him and put on a stained T shirt.

NapaCab Tue 27-Aug-13 01:20:45

Food, mostly. grin

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Tue 27-Aug-13 01:37:15

I seem to live in vest/cardigan/skinny jeans with ballet flats/ cowboy boots or dresses with footless tights. Long skirts just don't seem to be practical. I am viewing these as the style wilderness years. On my work days I am a compulsive scarf wearer!

PigOnStilts Tue 27-Aug-13 01:39:11

I rotate three pairs of elasticated jeans, in fact one if themselves maternity and I had my baby five months ago..beat. That. For. Style!

ValiumQueen Tue 27-Aug-13 04:29:35

Pig I raise you pyjamas and vomit grin and my youngest is 10 months old! And still does not sleep. I am meant to be going back to work very soon though, so need to get my act together. If I were not, I would buy more pyjamas in black so I could do the school run without getting dressed.

Twiddlebum Tue 27-Aug-13 04:52:51

I know most people MN will stone me for saying this but ........ Boden!!
Brightly coloured/patterned classic pieces which are soo easy to wear and always match with each other (you can literally put any colours/patterns/style together and it works) machine washable and fantastic for layering. I couldn't live without their a line skirts (especially with my hips!!) if boden is too expensive then you can pick up pieces on eBay or just browse their website for inspiration. I find high street stuff do dull and boring! But each to their own smile

VestaCurry Tue 27-Aug-13 05:15:18

I got together a 'capsule' wardrobe (loads of examples in women's magazines). A pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, 2 shirts, 2 vest t shirts, 2 sleeved t shirts, fitted cardigan, 2 jumpers, long skirt, just over knee skirt, a knitted dress, a casual jacket and a few scarves. Colours are all neutrals - whites, greys, cream, camel, then eg aubergine, olive green and cerise in the scarves as these colours suit me. Plus a wide leather belt.

It's taken a while to get it all together, I've waited for sales and bought from shops like Hobbs, Fenn Wright Manson and boutiques. I ring the changes with jewellery and other accessories.

PigOnStilts Tue 27-Aug-13 05:33:29

Ha, your "capsule wardrobe" is bigger than the selection of clothes I can fit into right now! Clearly I'm straying into let/herself-go territory. Ooops

VestaCurry Tue 27-Aug-13 05:40:39

I did have to lose weight to start getting into the capsule grin! I was living in the same 4 items of clothing for ages and then decided to take myself in hand.

VestaCurry Tue 27-Aug-13 05:41:32

Oh and some brill bargains in TK Maxx

PigOnStilts Tue 27-Aug-13 06:15:08

Congrats, I remember how good that feels! I made the cocky mistake of going on a shopping spree days after I had my baby....lots if lovely unworn stuff in a drawer sad

schmalex Tue 27-Aug-13 06:26:49

I usually wear skinnies/vest/cardie/boots but I have had my colours done (which helps me choose interesting colour combinations that suit me and that all go together) and also I'm making the effort to accessorise. I feel like it makes all the difference. I'm pregnant again so spending money on scarves and necklaces feels like a sensible purchase as they'll fit however huge I get!

I've found my toddler has got used to me wearing necklaces and isn't quite so fascinated any more.

Also, buying good quality clothes rather than lots of cheap stuff helps. And doing a bit of make up as part of my getting up routine rather than just before I leave the house.

QueenCadbury Tue 27-Aug-13 08:12:42

I wear jeans/converse/tee or blouse/cardigan. I had my colours done recently and wear the colours that suit so usually a neutral top with a coloured cardigan. I always try and add some jewellery and a coloured belt as it does make the outfit look more out together. Now that the younget is 2 and I don't have to carry around such an array of crap with me I'm getting back into handbags and have bought a couple of coloured ones.

This winter I'd like to branch out into dresses too but so far haven't seen any.

QueenCadbury Tue 27-Aug-13 08:14:51

In terms of warmth, loads of people seemed to swear by the uniqlo thermals last year. I haven't tried them myself as have no uniqlo near me.

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