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Does anywhere sell these sort of socks?

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Aquelven Thu 18-Jul-13 06:20:34

I've been looking for some sort of sock to wear inside ballet pumps. Can see any number of trainer socks that come to the ankle but would like lower ones that are invisible inside pumps. I know I should wear them bare foot but waiting for an operation on my foot & everything rubs the skin off at the moment if I don't wear socks.

Hobbes8 Thu 18-Jul-13 06:24:06

Tk maxx had some, but they were made of thick tight material rather than sock material, which I thought might be a bit sweaty for the weather. Would hopefully stop the rubbing though.

TWinklyLittleStar Thu 18-Jul-13 06:26:57

Amazon has some

MrsMangoBiscuit Thu 18-Jul-13 06:27:00

I found some in tesco a little while back, however they were "one size" which doesn't actually stretch too well to cover a size 9 foot. I reckon they'd be fine up to a size 7.

Aquelven Thu 18-Jul-13 06:49:22

Thank you for the suggestions smile
Was hoping to get them today for this weekend but might have to order from Amazon. I'd already looked in my local Tesco but they only had ankle & trainer socks.
No TKMaxx nearby.

MrsPnut Thu 18-Jul-13 06:54:27

M&S sell footlet things, they are with the socks and tights. I use them when I'm breaking in new pumps.

Springcleanish Thu 18-Jul-13 06:58:59

M and S or Primark. Primark had massive selection and some in mens too for people who need a larger size than one fits all.

Aquelven Thu 18-Jul-13 07:28:59

Ooh, that's interesting. I could get to M&S & Primark today smile

Dontletthemgetyoudown Thu 18-Jul-13 11:10:25

topman sell invisible socks, I had assumed that topshop would as well, but cant find any online, but might be worth a look?

TapselteerieO Thu 18-Jul-13 11:12:12

H&M sell them in various adult and child sizes. I have both, they are great

Dontletthemgetyoudown Thu 18-Jul-13 11:13:26


AnythingNotEverything Thu 18-Jul-13 11:26:43

I have some from Next made from proper sock material, but the ones like tights (are they called footsies?) are good too. They stay on your feet a bit better.

IJustWoreMyTrenchcoat Thu 18-Jul-13 21:30:39

New look sell them as well in black or nude.

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