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Salon Spray Tan vs Doing it myself at home!

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vm3009 Wed 26-Jun-13 20:08:52

why dont you buy a gradual tan like james read, and then you can start doing it a couple of days before you go and build it up while your away, much more natural way to tan, and you can use it when you get home as well to make your tan last naturally. No smell and fades naturally its totally fool proof - have a look on

LaFlotte Wed 26-Jun-13 09:14:28

I use self tan at home, normally a spray on one and I have ok results. It does go patchy as it fades though so I normally have a good old exfoliate, moisturise and then do it again.

We are going on holiday soon and I wondered, does a salon spray tan last longer/fade better? I think it's £22 at the local salon and I'm trying to decide.

Also, we go on holiday in the early hours of the Tuesday, so when would be best to have a spray done? They are closed on Sundays...

Thanks for your help!

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