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Am looking for raspberry/fuschia colour wedgey shoes, help me MN style council!

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orangina Thu 25-May-06 13:59:56

.... I'm off to a big party in a few weeks time and have bought lovely dress BUT now need the shoes to go with it... was thinking wedgey high-ish sandals in a crushed raspberry or purple colour... help! I haven't got much time for browsing the shops, all online suggestions and guidance v. v. v. v much appreciated, thank you all!

tissy Thu 25-May-06 14:03:20

not wedgy, but Hobbs do some shoes in Hibiscus which is about the colur you want, I think. I've got the flat pumps in that colour.

orangina Thu 25-May-06 14:03:44

the colour is exactly what i am after!

tissy Thu 25-May-06 14:09:31

they do a few styles in that colour, worth checking in the shops,as the catalogue doesn't seem to have everything they do!

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Thu 25-May-06 14:09:46

These may be a bit too close to hot pink and not purple enough, but Hobbs have some slightly Minnie Mouse ones and some strappy ones.

my net connection is s-l-o-w at the mo - will post more later

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Thu 25-May-06 14:10:43

hah - so slow I missed everyone else's posts!

tissy Thu 25-May-06 14:10:56

found it! here are the wedges.

tissy Thu 25-May-06 14:12:00

but beware, "orchid" is much more girly-pink than "hibiscus"

JackieNo Thu 25-May-06 14:13:36

Some from M&S ? Possibly not formal enough?

orangina Thu 25-May-06 14:43:23

You are all stars, am dipping in and out of meetings this afternoon, so will check in periodically! Am trying to avoid the ankle strap thing as I don't think it does anything for me.... will try to find a link to my dress shortly, and then you'll see.... thank you all!

orangina Thu 25-May-06 14:45:40

here is my dress....

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Thu 25-May-06 14:52:23

some slightly mad ones from Next

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Thu 25-May-06 15:00:12

ooh, now I think these match the design of the dress (whihc I love) quite staggeringly well and have no ankle strap but the stock of pink is getting low. Think the yellow would be just as good though!

orangina Thu 25-May-06 16:04:59

mrsbadger, you might have come up trumps (though I will confess I never had seen myself as a boden shoes type of girl.....!). Might have to head out to their hanger lane store and see if I can find a pair to try on.....
I love my dress too !

WestCountryLass Fri 26-May-06 21:53:55

Have a look at the Stipa on the Clarks website

YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 22:04:41

Kurt Geiger

I love these beyond lovingness! If I wasn't pg I'd have bought them. I think they'd look fab with your dress, which is gorgeous btw!

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