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Emergency S&B slapping needed I am viewing Rieker sandals...

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ggirl Tue 28-May-13 14:58:11

and they look so comfy
in stone colour

give me your worst girls...hanging my head in shame

and then offer me an leternative stylish comfy sandal with a bit of a heel

KittieCat Tue 28-May-13 15:03:06

They're not nice... How about these?

They're lovely in the flesh and my similar pair from a few years ago are comfy and going strong.

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 15:29:01

nice but it's the rubbery squidgy sole that I'm really lusting after

Lambzig Tue 28-May-13 16:03:10

What about these. I have them and they have rubbery sole.

MrsMcEnroe Tue 28-May-13 16:16:07


Urgh good grief OP, they are foul, they remind me of the Dr Scholls my mum wore in the 1970s.....

Clarks have some lovely sandals with squidgy wedge soles, here you go, I've linked to the wedge sandal page for you grin

MrsMcEnroe Tue 28-May-13 16:16:35

Sorry here's a proper link

And another <slap>!!

MrsMcEnroe Tue 28-May-13 16:18:08

Ooh, and I walked past tReds, Office AND Jones the Bootmaker last week and they ALL had loads of wedge heeled sandals in lovely colours ...with comfy-height wedge heels, not too high...,

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 16:19:35

I like the clarks serin wedge but they're too high , I already have high sandals , am after midheel
don't fancy any others on clarks site

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 16:21:04

btw , does anyone know how wide superga come up

I am 6.5 in normal shoes but with wide fit like evans i can wear a 5

MrsMcEnroe Tue 28-May-13 16:28:51

Not sure about superga, but how about Fly wedges? Or doc martens?

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 16:33:40

love flywedges but they are too narrow for my spades

SofaCanary Tue 28-May-13 16:37:06

Passes ggirl an emergancy grip.

freddiefrog Tue 28-May-13 16:44:37

My Mum wears those

Does that help?

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 16:44:47

arf..thanks girls..i am coming to my senses

MrsMcEnroe Tue 28-May-13 16:45:11

Yes, me too - ultra-wide feet.

Hhmmm. I know that Gabor shoes are wide .... Do they do any wedges?

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 16:46:07

aren't gabor as frumpy as rieker?

MrsMcEnroe Tue 28-May-13 16:48:59

No!! Well, not all of them ;) Here you go - the Ingleby looks nice ...

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 16:49:00

love these but dd has just bought thse and they are too similar dammit

MrsMcEnroe Tue 28-May-13 16:49:35

Bloody hell, I am clicking on "convert links automatically" and it isn't working.... Try this ...

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 16:53:58

like these in brown

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 16:57:52

lovely in blue as well , will have a search . Thanks

mum47 Tue 28-May-13 20:09:07

I love the Rieker ones in black!

ggirl Tue 28-May-13 22:14:11

they're not that bad are they mum47?

Startail Tue 28-May-13 22:20:52

The Rieker ones are fine, the gambor ones are frumpsvile.

TheChaoGoesMu Tue 28-May-13 22:22:07

Some well lots of the reikers are frumpy, but if you search through the millions of pairs they have, then you can find some really really nice ones. And they are very comfortable which is everything really.

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