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Clarins double serum - how much do you use..

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randgirl Mon 27-May-13 08:50:04

(i posted this yesterday but its disappeared so apologies if it turns up as duplicate)

I bought the double serum not even 3 weeks ago, and i cant believe i;ve used nearly half a bottle already shock. I was using two pumps per application as per the instructions, but reckon i gonna just use one pump now.

How much do you use and if you have got through a bottle already, how long did it last?

polyhymnia Mon 27-May-13 09:36:48

One and a half pumps just once a day - as I have with other serums (was using Clarins Vital Light before this). Two would feel like too much - and my face and neck are quite large!

Only just got it, so don't know how quickly it'll go at that rate.

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