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Help Finding Clothes For New Shape.

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woopsidaisy Mon 06-May-13 12:05:38

DSis is 5'3". She has always been a curvy but super slim size 6/8. However since she gave up smoking her weight has gone up, to a size 12.
She rang me yesterday looking for help getting an outfit for family celebration coming up. As things that used to look good, now don't.
She has boobs and a butt and tends to dress more mannish than feminine IYKWIM? Although dresses aren't out, she was veering towards trousers for this function. Top and blazer too maybe?
She lives in London, so access to lots of shops.
Any suggestions? Or any advice on what suits her new shape?
Thanks so much!

woopsidaisy Mon 06-May-13 17:09:22

No one is a short, booby, bottomsy but athletic and trendy?!

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