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Dress for apple/inverted triangle shape.

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peggotty Fri 03-May-13 16:27:11

Please cast your expert eyes over this dress and tell me if it's a. nice and b. would be flattering on me as an inverted triangle, appley type person. I am size 12 and 5ft7. It would be for a party. I would maybe wear it with wedges, like in the pic. Thanks!

MrsLettuce Fri 03-May-13 16:31:10

I'm a similar shape (but shorter) and that'd not be a flattering shape on me at all. Too much detail on the upper part and too skimmy a skirt.

OneLittleLady Fri 03-May-13 16:31:23

I think the dress is very nice. I'm not sure shape wise though, I'm a completely different shape to you so it would obviously sit differently on me. Is there a stockist nearby where you could try it on perhaps?

peggotty Fri 03-May-13 16:36:10

hmm. I was thinking that the stripes across the middle area would help give me the illusion of having hips. And the V neck would help with the short neck issue, and balance out wide shoulders? I have a plain black wrap dress that looks quite good on. I should really just go and try it on shouldn't I?

Casmama Fri 03-May-13 16:38:02

I'm afraid I agree with MrsLettuce- perfect for a pear shape to show off slim upper half and skimming over the hips. I don't think the shape would be flattering on you(or me)

MrsLettuce Fri 03-May-13 16:49:29

this sort of shape would be much more flattering, IME.

peggotty Fri 03-May-13 17:34:44

I like that MrsLettuce and it still incorporates a wrap front as well. I normally don't like fit and flare, especially the more casual ones as there's something about them which accentuates my stomach area!

MrsLettuce Fri 03-May-13 17:38:02

Yeah, a higher waistline than that one is best for the stomach area really but this looks like it'd still work well. There a loads that shape / level of structuredness about ATM.

amazingface Fri 03-May-13 17:44:24

MrsLettuce - sorry to hijack, but could you tell me if this dress would look good on an apple? A friend has asked me to help find her a maxi!

AphraBehn Sat 04-May-13 11:45:43

I'm an apple shape and have tried on the Phase Eight Arizona dress that the OP linked to. No, no, no no! And again no!

They do the same print in a maxi skirt though which was far more flattering, if you can find the right colour top to go with it.

AphraBehn Sat 04-May-13 11:47:43

Mind you, the OP is a size 12 apple shape which is will look different to my size 16/18 apple shape. Note to self - read the OP properly!

higgle Sat 04-May-13 13:07:16

Inverted triangle, yes. There is nothing to broaden the shoulders, the v neck is right and the pattern is in the lower half mainly which attracts attention to the more slender hips. Maybe not for the apple bit, it depends on how your not-much-waist fits into it. If you have a proper tummy it probably won't look good, but it is such a lovely dress you must find it and try it on.

MrsLettuce Sat 04-May-13 16:24:27

Good point higgle. I forget there's more than one way to 'correct' the inverted triangle thing. I usually correct my shape to fake hourglass with a slightly high waist and full skirt making my waist look smaller and my hips bigger to balance my top half. The dress in the OP could indeed well do the correcting to boyish / athletic shape thing. Oops.

peggotty Sat 04-May-13 19:17:19

Higgle that's all the things I thought about it. I would say my lack of waist is more than an issue than my tummy these days. I think some control underwear would almost render my tummy flat smile so it's just the waist issue! Will try and find it in town to try on. I think it's lovely. But will also try mrsL's on too.

CeeceeBloomingdale Sat 04-May-13 19:17:31

I'm a size 12 apple and none of those would work on me. Something unstructured without a seam, ruching or belt at the waist is the key for me, like a tunic shapped but just above the knee ideally for my proportions

CeeceeBloomingdale Sat 04-May-13 19:23:10

For example this shape could work (I'd personally prefer sleeves or I look like a shotputter but that's not connected to being an apple),default,pd.html?stop_layout=yes

CeeceeBloomingdale Sat 04-May-13 19:24:48

Lightbulb moment - a line works well as the wider hem makes my waist look smaller!

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