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Dorothy Perkins discount code?

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oxcat1 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:24:13

Today's avenue 57 blogpost talks about a 30% discount code at Dorothy Perkins for today only, but I can't find anything online, or on the website?

Anybody else seen anything?


tri10 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:36:01

They have just finished an upto 30% off everything last night, but most stuff was only10%. I am on there mailing list and didn't get an email today.

oxcat1 Mon 29-Apr-13 23:40:05

Thanks. Must be something to do with the way I receive the emailed blog posts then.

Shame. But thanks!

AlexaKim Tue 14-Jun-16 20:54:41

check this thread here

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