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Petticoats/slips anyone still wear one ...

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mumscuppa Fri 12-Apr-13 22:08:19

I have found my clothes sticking to me recently , does anyone still wear petticoats or slips to stop this happening. What are your experiences please.

gindrinker Fri 12-Apr-13 22:14:31

Yes. I've got a white pinstripe shirt dress which is slightly indecent without a slip under it.
I think it came from bhs? (Possibly the only place you can still buy slips from.)

Tortington Fri 12-Apr-13 22:15:14

me too - every so slightly see through white dress i can't wear without a slip

Waswondering Fri 12-Apr-13 22:16:10

I think you can get them in M&S too.

SirToffeeDoris Fri 12-Apr-13 22:16:52

First one I've ever bought, to put under a cheap dress

Fallenangle Fri 12-Apr-13 22:18:04

Most White or all lace dresses require a slip, or a pre baby figure and nerve.

playftseforme Fri 12-Apr-13 22:21:38

I wear one under jersey dresses - it disguises the waist of my tights/leggings.

shopalot Fri 12-Apr-13 22:26:23

Always. I have a lovely black one from white company or not so nice ones from M&S. I wear a lt of jersey dresses and it stops them clinging so much.

foryonisonly Fri 12-Apr-13 22:27:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bert2e Fri 12-Apr-13 22:28:03

Me too - stops dresses sticking to tights!

TooMuchRain Fri 12-Apr-13 22:29:14

I always wear one under wool dresses in winter because it makes them fall better and feel nicer but I do it difficult to buy them - my last were online from debenhams I think and a silk store.

elQuintoConyo Fri 12-Apr-13 22:32:14

Yes, I have one and I'm 38 - my friends think I'm an old lady sad
I couldn't find one so I made it myself, I even put lace around the hem. My friends can wear see-through skirts if they like, but I have class (and the last laugh grin )

Spookey80 Fri 12-Apr-13 22:47:04

Always, I'm 32, mostly form mands or bhs

ExRatty Sat 13-Apr-13 04:30:13

I wear a nude long one under summer dresses sometimes.
The first was from Marks actually it was the one Doris linked to but longer
now this spenny but nicer than the Marks. Bought as a gift from my SiL but then always nicked across to sleep in and so I have repurchased

I do half ones that are long under my cheap thin skirts and just bought a maxi strapless one for under my cheap thin maxi dresses in summer. pattern emerging here.. i am a cheapster grin

FrugalFashionista Sat 13-Apr-13 13:11:51

A good slip is the secret to wearing dresses well (really helps with lumps, bumps and clinging to to the wrong bits).
Stick to cotton or silk unless you want to feel sweaty!
Higher-end clothes quite often have an incorporated slip - some of them detach and can be worn with other dresses as well!

I also wear petticoats, particularly a short satin mini length pencil shape one, under sweater dresses. Again, miraculously better fit and flatter tummy.

ThePortlyPinUp Sat 13-Apr-13 13:14:51

I'm 31 and have both slip petticoats and tulle and net petticoats. I was born in the wrong era smile

HandMini Sat 13-Apr-13 13:36:53

Yes, great for under wrap dresses too, to give a bit of coverage in the cleavage V if required and make sure no VPL or tights line.

BloooCowWonders Sat 13-Apr-13 14:30:26

I got a pure silk slip from John Lewis last year. Half price at £28.

Dresses look better and it feels so nice smile

CMOTDibbler Sat 13-Apr-13 15:09:11

Yes - a variety, mostly from M&S. They make a huge difference to how dresses look imo

SprinkleLiberally Sat 13-Apr-13 15:12:34

Always. I like cheapy ones from matalan.

armagh Sat 13-Apr-13 16:14:29

Yes M&S- they prevent cling. Cling is not good smile
I have black , nude and white 19 inch ones.

coreny Sat 13-Apr-13 16:17:42

yes I always wear one if I'm wearing tights

mumscuppa Sun 14-Apr-13 19:26:37

Thank you all for replying , I will experiment with different shops!

Limoncellolovely Sun 14-Apr-13 20:13:37

Yes particularly user see through dresses seem to give thin fabric a bit of body and seems to make them hang better.

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