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Hair loss after having a baby...

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FreddieMercurysBolero Wed 03-Apr-13 22:40:14

So DS2 is five months old now and my hair is falling out at an alarming was thin after having DS1 (and I have thin hair anyway) but I have bald patches now. Everything I do is covered in lumps of hair. Does anyone know how can I halt it or at least improve it slightly?

Marrow Wed 03-Apr-13 22:46:47

It may be worth seeing your GP as anaemia can cause hair loss.

OneLittleLady Wed 03-Apr-13 22:55:26

YY, go to see your doctor before you try anything cosmetic.

bobsnotabuilder Wed 03-Apr-13 23:01:28

Yup I had this AWFUL. Full on shiny bald patches above my temples on both sides.

Went to doc and they said there was nothing they could do and it would grow back. Now 6.5m pp and it has stopped falling out and is growing back.

I started taking a skin/hair/nails multi-vit formula and an extra high dose zinc capsule. Also used Alpecin caffeine shampoo 3x a week.

Try not to panic. It will grow back.

FreddieMercurysBolero Thu 04-Apr-13 11:09:58

OK thanks all. I probably have been neglecting my diet since DS was born, bfing seems to make me want to eat junk constantly! I will see about getting tested for anemia, I was anemic all through pregnancy... And I'll pick up some multivits tomorrowsmile

sallycinnamum Thu 04-Apr-13 11:29:16

There is a name for this - Telogen Effluvium.

It normally happens after childbirth, a major trauma or surgery. There's tons of info about it on the web.

I started losing my hair 3 months after my DD was born last year. At one point there was so much of it I was sure I was going to be bald but after another 3 months it stopped and my hair is back to how it was before.

I have long curly hair and annoyingly the regrowth looks awful because I've not got lots of wipsy bits at the scalp but hey ho.

Don't stress about it. It's totally normal and it will stop. I believe Holland & barret sell a supplement to help with the condition, which I've heard great things about.

FreddieMercurysBolero Fri 05-Apr-13 12:54:50

Thank you sally. I am popping into H+B today to see what I can get. I remember the wispy regrowth all too well after Ds1. Ugh... Feck this having babies anyway.

ppeatfruit Fri 05-Apr-13 13:17:46

Along with eating a better diet (include using olive oil for cooking and starflower oil supplements with water) you can massage your scalp-

1. Place the tips of your fingers either side of your centre parting and just move the skin backwards and forwards counting to 10 do this 3 times in A.M. and P.M. or whenever like watching the telly. grin

2. Place your fingertips at the back of your head (with your thumbs into the place where your spine joins skull (IFYSWIM). Spread the rest along and above your ears. then repeat as above.

My hair was always coming out a lot when I washed it. I started using non SLS shampoos and with the above exercise it has thickened looks much nicer and doesn't fall out at all!!

Soupa Fri 05-Apr-13 13:22:07

Gwad it's a sod, mine too but at six months I get the regrowth. My temples are now tufty rather than bald. It's a bugger

ppeatfruit Fri 05-Apr-13 15:38:20

Try the massage soupa grin

JumpHerWho Fri 05-Apr-13 22:42:12

I have the horrible wispy bits at my temples, I got my hair done last week and the hairdresser asked how old my baby was! Thought he could see my sleep deprived face but no it was the bum fluff, they see it a lot. Is a pain to highlight.

Soupa Fri 05-Apr-13 23:28:27

Massage, do I have to take my hat off? smile there is an upside to this weather.

ppeatfruit Sat 06-Apr-13 13:57:36

Soupa the massage that I gave upthread is acupressure which has changed my life since doing it; it sounds corny but its true and free because you do it yourself grin

Soupa Sat 06-Apr-13 15:25:00

I will try, in the absence of magic potion it sounds like my best bet. Thanks for sharingsmile

ppeatfruit Sat 06-Apr-13 16:24:29

You're very welcome grin The starflower oil is a 'magic' potion if you like, it gives the EFAs (essential fatty acids) that our bodies can't make that a lot of us need also cooking with olive oil and using it in salad dressings is helpful.

FreddieMercurysBolero Sun 07-Apr-13 13:02:22

have been trying to massage pp, not been doing it as often as I'd like but getting theresmile

will try get some Starfleet oil, will probably be next month before I get it...

NuzzleandScratch Sun 07-Apr-13 13:07:58

Be careful with the massage, if you do it in the wrong way in areas where new hairs are starting to grow, you could easily cause mechanical damage & break the new hairs.

ppeatfruit Sun 07-Apr-13 13:19:43

Nuzzle you only move the skin of the scalp back and forward NOT the hair my hair is so much thicker and 'perky' IFYKWIM since doing it, it certainly doesn't break it.

NuzzleandScratch Sun 07-Apr-13 13:26:13

Ok, that sounds fine, I only mention it because I've seen damage as a result of incorrect massage in my profession.

ppeatfruit Sun 07-Apr-13 13:32:04

It improves the blood flow to the scalp and helps regrowth but as you say with anything you have to do it correctly grin.

FreddieMercurysBolero Mon 08-Apr-13 17:58:44

<hums theme tune to Nuzzle and Scratch>

shock at my own typo, even my auto correct is nerdy...

Thanks for all the help though, I shall report back in a month or so with any (hopeful improvement)smile

FreddieMercurysBolero Mon 08-Apr-13 17:59:04

<hums theme tune to Nuzzle and Scratch>

shock at my own typo, even my auto correct is nerdy...

Thanks for all the help though, I shall report back in a month or so with any (hopeful improvement)smile

NuzzleandScratch Mon 08-Apr-13 18:14:55

Ha ha! Dh & I love that programme, it only seems to be on CBeebies at the weekends! They remind us of our 2 labradors!

FreddieMercurysBolero Mon 08-Apr-13 20:52:01

DH and I love it too, sadly our 3 year old DS doesn't, despite our encouragement. Oh well.

NuzzleandScratch Mon 08-Apr-13 21:25:51

I must say, our 3 yr old dd doesn't seem bothered about it either, but we enjoy ourselves!

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