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What do you think of tesco clothes?

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EarlyInTheMorning Wed 06-Mar-13 13:25:58

I am after a spring/summer blazer. I am a petite curvy size 8. A few years ago I bought a petite size 8 blazer in Boden which looks spot on perfect on me but at the moment Boden are not selling anything quite like what I'm after.

Anyway. I have recently purchased the Lena from Whistles and this one from kaliko: Both in size 8. The one from Whistles feels small and the collar easily loses shape. The one from Kaliko is big, the sleeves are too long and there's a lot of surplus material at the back.

So they're both going back.

So even though I don't mind spending circa £100 as I know this is a basic item for me, I've had a look in Tesco and the reviews for the blazers are very good. But do you think they're very good bearing in mind their price or do you think these blazers will look good for 2 or 3 years?

Gawd I'm rambling....

valiumredhead Wed 06-Mar-13 13:36:25

I get ds's clothes from Tesco and they are fab, I get my knickers from there and dh his T shirts grin

You can always take it back if it's no good.

MeerkatMerkin Wed 06-Mar-13 13:39:26

I find the quality of Tesco clothes really good. I've got a light cotton blazer with cropped sleeves from two summers ago and it is still going strong.

BinksToEnlightenment Wed 06-Mar-13 13:51:29

They won't fit you. Their size eight is the same as a size twelve in other shops.

Crumm24 Wed 06-Mar-13 15:15:43

Agree about the sizing - I have a size 10 coat even though the last time I fitted a size 10 anything was probably at high school shock!
That said, it has lasted about 5 years and I always get compliments when wearing it. Would absolutely recommend a Tesco blazer!

survivingwinter Wed 06-Mar-13 16:09:58

I used to think Tesco clothes were ok but recently not been impressed with anything - I don't like the designs, they don't fit well and not lasting as well as they used to. I've stopped looking or buying their adult clothes but still get kids clothes as doesn't matter if they don't last as well.

mewkins Wed 06-Mar-13 17:51:01

I think they go down to a size 6 now in some styles

EarlyInTheMorning Sat 09-Mar-13 14:45:43

My first ever Tesco clothing purchase and I'm afraid not a success at all. I bought this one in a size 8: which arrived today. The jacket looks nice and feels nice enough. However, size-wise it is absolute wrong, and not in the sense that a size 10 might work, but in the sense that it is very poorly cut and the fit is just awful. It feels really really tiny even around my chest and I'm only a 34C. I'm a bit put off ordering anything else from them sad.

SayMama Sat 09-Mar-13 16:18:19

Sorry to hear that OP.

To be honest I'm not keen on Tesco's clothing. I find they wash terribly and shrink. DD1 was an average sized two year old wearing four year old's tops from there because of the shrinkage. Same with tops for me, they just became very very short. And that was a 30oc wash and air dry.

If you spot any other supermaket equivalents, Sainsburys tend to be pretty good quality.

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Sat 09-Mar-13 16:21:11

I don't usually buy from Tesco but I've had a long cashmere cardigan in black that I've worn for years and it's absolutely brilliant.

YoullNeedATray Sat 09-Mar-13 17:40:39

I have found Tesco jersey fabric to be generally poor quality.

However I loved a batch of shift dresses that I bought last summer. I'm a teacher and they are just brilliant - look smart, wash easily and at £10 each I wouldn't be upset if they got glue/paint/pen/etc on them!

I find their sizing is very variable - you do have to try on every single item that you are interested in.

MrsAyrtonSenna Sat 09-Mar-13 21:05:06

Find Tesco a bit hit and miss with clothing - have had some really good buys from there for DCs and myself, other things not so good. Big advantage is that you can 'try before you buy' and that if your size isn't available in store, you can often order on-line to get it delivered to your nearest Tesco or to your home. Find that sizes can vary between styles quite considerably as well as having to try every available garment in its size if there are a few on the rack as there can be variations in length of leg/arm, pattern matches/finishes can be better on some items than others and so on.

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