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Adult braces brigade.... any members?

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chasingtail Tue 19-Feb-13 08:57:56

I had fixed clear braces fitted on Friday and grand old age of 41!!! shock

I've always hated my smile. crooked, over crowded teeth so thought "F it" and finally did something about it.

It has cost me £3100 (10% discount for full payment up front - yikes!) but that includes everything like fixed retainers at end of treatment.

I was given the option of fixed or Invisalign but after chatting it over with a dental hygienist friend, decided to go with the fixed option as the outcome is more predictable clinically.

Minor downsides:

1. embaressment factor - have only done the school run once since having them fitted so am expecting lots of strange looks/questions after half term. You are also advised to carry a toothbruch around with at all times as food invariably manages to attach itself to the brace.

2. pain; manageable at the moment. It does feel like my the braces are sinking into the inside of my mouth so I keep drinking lots to avoid dehydration. The orthodontist has given me a truck load of dental wax and just said to use bonjela as and when necessary. He also said that my mouth will toughen up making it less painful

3. eating (may be an upside depending on point of view!) There is a long list of foods to avoid both for the positioning and appearance of the brace. obvious foods to avoid include anyhting crunch or overly sticky. Also avoid curries due to staining properties. Otho said that a lot of his patients save their curries up until a few days before an appointment, when he then replaces the clear brackets and wires.

HUGE upside

beautiful Hollywood smile within 18 months

Anyone else got any experiences to share - my mouth is feeling really sore at the moment so will be trekking out later to get some bonjela.

gonoright Tue 19-Feb-13 10:52:35

Well done for looking after yourself. Bonjela is good but Igloo is better. Also you could gargle with soluble aspirin, just remember not to swallow. Take a pain killer! Or a small Brandy? I hated my braces as a kid and whenever I see teenagers with new braces I try and tell the parents that it does actually hurt and that the kids are rightfully resentful after a visit to the orthodontist. Have to say that my teeth are V straight and I often get positive comments on them so it was worth it. Sorry Mum for all my grump as a brace wearing youth. Hope this helps.

drmummmsy Tue 19-Feb-13 10:58:24

oooh lucky you! i'd love braces, having rejected them at 14 as I was 'too cool' hmm

ujjayi Tue 19-Feb-13 11:01:27

Don't wait for sores to appear before using the dental wax. It should be clear by now where they are likely to rub so keep a small blob over those points to stop sores forming. I did this and never had any problems.

I had clarity braces too at 40. I wish I had gone for metal though as the wires & brackets are still visible and do discolour and left me feeli g as though my teeth were never clean. I switched to metal wires half way thru treatment (but kept original clear brackets) and they looked cleaner and brighter.

chasingtail Tue 19-Feb-13 11:07:43

thanks right.

I was told as a teen that I would have to have 4 teeth out and a fixed brace if I didn't stop sucking my thumb, but of course completely ignored everyone and hence I am now shelling out a fortune to fix them.

think have some disolvable asprin upstairs so will go on a hunt. My mouth is so sore my glands are up in my neck but sure it will all calm down in a few days. On the bright side, it is sooo difficult to eat anything I might actually lose some weight grin

chasingtail Tue 19-Feb-13 11:14:03

Ujjayi can you still drink with the wax on?

My braces are 'Clear Step'. I have a metal wire, with metal brackets on the back teeth clear ones on the front. I don't think there is any disguising I am wearing a brace close up, but hopefully it is less obvious at a distance.

My ortho also says he will change the clear brackets at regular intervals to prevent discolouration.

gregssausageroll Tue 19-Feb-13 13:58:55

I have my inman aligner being made for me at the moment to sort my top front, four teeth. Dentist reckons 9-12 weeks and I will be done. Can't wait for a nice smile for summer! Good luck.

chasingtail Tue 19-Feb-13 16:16:23

haven't heard of an Inman Aligner - sounds like you're teeth will be fixed quickly ( & I bet more economically!)

ujjayi Tue 19-Feb-13 17:30:19

Yep fine to drink with the wax in place as long as you warm and mould the wax securely around the bracket - kind of tucking it all in around it.

gregssausageroll Tue 19-Feb-13 17:30:33

I hadn't either until another member told me about them. I was almost at the stage of ordering traditional braces. This is a quicker, newer way.

iclaudius Tue 19-Feb-13 17:48:09

I have had a removable appliance on my bottom teeth for almost three months now. No pain at all. LOTs of nearly losing it as take it out to eat snd it's tiny!!!
I've just insured it!
Been absolutely fine - not embarrassed at all dedpite bring mid forties and a lot better than they were v pleased - I had a brace when younger but they'd moved back
Probably just screams 'vanity' but hey that's true!!

chasingtail Wed 20-Feb-13 08:19:13

So, went out for a naaice meal with friends last night, so chose my dishes very carefully! Was paranoid about spinach teeth! Also avoided the crusty bread roll for obvious reasons grin

Specialbrew Wed 20-Feb-13 10:21:48

Got me teeth fixed when I was about 38. I'd always hated my teeth, was left some m

Specialbrew Wed 20-Feb-13 10:25:26

Sorry, blinking iPhone. Was left some money so thought why not. I was initially really self conscious, but started to notice lots of other adults with braces. I wish I hadn't waited so long, I no longer worry about smiling and exposing my crooked teeth! Another positive is weight loss!

Quenelle Wed 20-Feb-13 10:32:35

How crooked were your teeth gregssausageroll?

I looked into Invisalign but my teeth are so crooked they apparently won't work for me. I just googled the inman one and my teeth are much worse than the cases they describe on their website.

I had top and bottom braces complete with headgear when I was a teenager. Sadly I just didn't have the confidence to wear the headgear all the time so they didn't work properly.

I'm 44 now and my teeth are the one thing I would like to change about myself.

Quenelle Wed 20-Feb-13 10:33:37

Sorry, I meant to say, well done OP for going for it. I hope it works well and you're enjoying your new smile in 18 months' time.

YouHaveBeenOutbid Wed 20-Feb-13 11:31:46

Ooo, can I join? I'm getting the full train track job at the beginning of April. Thankfully I was eligible for NHS funding due to the amount if overlap. Annoying I had braces as a teen but the advice then wasn't to wear a retainer at night so they ended up back where they started!

I'm quite looking forward to getting mine. Ugly Betty here I come!

AKissIsNotAContract Wed 20-Feb-13 11:52:11

Quenelle: If invisalign aren't suitable for you then inman won't be either. Inman are really only suitable for minor changes to anterior teeth. There are still plenty of options for you though.

bloggingvirgin Wed 20-Feb-13 11:58:39

I am seriously thinking about Invisalign though just worry about being trapped into a treatment for maybe 2 years- and the cost which would go towards a new car!

I have 3 overlapping teeth on upper jaw .

My mum had a fixed brace at 75! Brave woman- and although i am not that old I am over 50.

AKissIsNotAContract Wed 20-Feb-13 12:03:10

blogging: if you only want to make minor changes to anterior teeth then an inman aligner might suit you, it's a lot more affordable than invisalign, and quicker too

bloggingvirgin Wed 20-Feb-13 12:07:25

thanks- but the orthodontist I saw once - couple years back- said my case was "moderate to severe". I didn't like him especially but may find someone else to quote. I have overcrowding so 3 teeth on upper left overlap and those on the upper right are set back due to others pushing them out of postition.

My lower jaw is not bad- had 2 teeth out as a teenager but the overlapping centre teeth never moved into the spaces so I think sorting them would be very easy.

chasingtail Wed 20-Feb-13 12:09:14

bloggin - wow 75! Makes me feel a bit better about getting it done at 41!

outbid you are seriously lucky to be getting braces on the NHS, you will save yourself a fortune.

My mouth is feeling better today as finally stuck the wax on (thanks ujjayi). The ortho couldn't put a bracket on one of my bottom teeth as it is too crooked at the moment, so a piece of coiled wire has been put in its place as a temp measure. Not nice having the coil embed itself on the inside of your lip but the wax is helping.

chasingtail Wed 20-Feb-13 12:12:08

I was concerned about overcrowding (given that the ortho in my teens said I would have to have 4 teeth removed), but this ortho said it was fine and that these days they shave off tiny amounts of tooth at the end of treatment if necessary.

YouHaveBeenOutbid Wed 20-Feb-13 12:13:31

Is the pain easing off too? I think last time I only had cut lips and sore bits for a few weeks. Hope it eases up soon!

chasingtail Wed 20-Feb-13 12:21:21

outbid yes the pain is wearing off a bit.

My mouth does feel particularly strange as he put some bits of cement on my back teeth as I am a terrible teeth grinder and he didn't want me knocking the brackets off. Means I can't clamp down on my bite and is really wierd when I eat. Mind you it's doing wonders for the waist line! grin

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