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Suggestions for pregnancy spots please!

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Snowflakepie Tue 01-Jan-13 19:44:22

I am 16 weeks pg with DC2. I got a few spots but nothing more than normal when pg before, but this time it's like my face has gone mad! They are large, angry red lumps, rarely do they come to a head, hurt like heck and feel really deep, mainly on my chin and around hairline on forehead. They do seem to go down after about a week but then a few days later swell back up in the same places. I use no.7 cleanser and toner daily, the green one, then a Vichy moisturiser in the morning and as much concealer as I can get away with! I have been trying the garnier roll on spot treatment but I'm not convinced its doing a lot. So any suggestions would be welcome, I know my skin will improve but June seems a long way away and it just looks a sight. I am 35, don't have sensitive skin or any reaction to products normally. Thanks!

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