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Calling Hopefully or any other HOC experts!

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londonone Sun 11-Nov-12 19:41:00

So following various S&B recommendations I had my colours done a few weeks ago and I am a vibrant blue autumn. I love the colours and have already bought a few bits, who knew I could wear lime! Yesterday I had a style day which was also amazing and I am a Romantic Natural so a combination of Romantic and Dramatic. I think I have a pretty good idea of the overall image but was wondering if there are any famous Romantic Natural who I can look at. I LOVE Taylor Tomasi Hills style taylorstyle and was wondering what type of style she s?


londonone Mon 12-Nov-12 09:59:24


Hopefully Mon 12-Nov-12 10:06:55

Hi! I am out if the house at the moment, but will look at link and pm you smile

I am a blue autumn too, it's great ATM, the shops are full of teal, forest green, peacock blue etc.

londonone Mon 12-Nov-12 10:25:11

Thank you so much x

TravelinColour Mon 12-Nov-12 11:41:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

londonone Mon 12-Nov-12 12:39:09

Thanks. The problem is I am struggling a bit with what the romantic natural look is! I am an inverted triangle on the top and full curve on the bottom, though I think I may be more soft curve on the bottom as I am quite appley!

londonone Mon 12-Nov-12 12:40:38

I am def not the same shape as the woman in the link! It is the use of colour, print and bold accessories I like I suppose rather than some of the shapes.

Hopefully Thu 15-Nov-12 07:41:38

London, so sorry I haven't PM'd you yet! Manic around me at the moment. I promise I will find time!

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