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Does brushing help your hairi to grow?

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Dancergirl Sat 20-Oct-12 14:36:27

I seem to remember brushing my hair loads as a teenager often with my head upside down to encourage blood flow to the root. But does this work?

tabbycat15 Sat 20-Oct-12 14:48:02

I think it is a myth all it does is spread the oils down the hair shaft.
You would have to really massage the scalp to stimulate the blood flow but I don't think it really has an affect on hair growth.

SalmonRusty Sat 20-Oct-12 14:51:31

Yes, I think I've read that brushing it helps distribute the oils and make it shiny, but doesn't make it grow faster. I think it grows at the same rate no matter what you do with it.

Trills Sat 20-Oct-12 14:51:49


valiumredhead Sat 20-Oct-12 14:52:33

I think anything that stimulates the roots is a good thing.

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