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tips for online shopping?

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Maria2007loveshersleep Sun 23-Sep-12 09:22:52

I'm used to buying clothes after trying many many different ones but would like to try online shopping too as first, there's a much wider range online and second, I'm soon starting full time work, as opposed to part time that I was doing so far, so it'll save me time. I already buy online for almost everything else so want to give it a go with clothes too.

However: how does it work, in terms of knowing what will work? As I'm so used to trying many things, I'm not sure what you do with online to make good choices? How do you avoid blunders?

And also: any good online shops that you recommend? I'm looking for work-clothes, my style is usually knee-length skirts / jumpers-cardigans etc / boots (eg I've bought these for the autumn). Or knee length dresses with cardigans (eg this). Or jeans with tunics/dresses/longish jumpers cardis on top.

Any tips for safe online choices / how to start?

Mumelie Sun 23-Sep-12 09:33:39

Hi. I mostly online shop because of working all the time. I have used lots of companies, but tend to stick to a few now (Boden, Clarks, Monsoon, Next). Things to look out for delivery wise (else you'll be down the sorting office every Saturday morning) - collect+ is a great service where you can have parcels delivered to/picked up from a local newsagent (Boden, Clarks). Next will charge you their delivery charge if you return all of your order, but have just started doing evening deliveries in my city.

DeathMetalMum Sun 23-Sep-12 09:47:06

A lot of the shops I use you can get your order delivered to store for free, you usually have around 5-7 days to pick up your order from when it arrives. You can also fro most of them return the items straight away if they are unsuitable (if you have time to try it on that is)

I am still relatively new to online clothes shopping myself but after this week recieving a pair of converse that in fact were not a pair and two right feet. I would be definatley getting delivered to store in future as delivery charges are usually unrefundable.

DeathMetalMum Sun 23-Sep-12 09:49:03

Oh and I have probably used New Look online the most and not had a problem yet.

Zwitterion Sun 23-Sep-12 10:05:10

Always search/ask on here for money off codes/free p & p/free returns

Always look at the fit guide and stick to it, even if you have to go up a size

Look at reviews

Look at fabric content and washing instructions to avoid synthetics etc and hand washing/dry cleaning if that will annoy you

MarshaBrady Sun 23-Sep-12 10:12:14

Look at fabric composition.

I stick to a few sites as have got used to them and find it easier to find the size I need. So it'll get easier the more you do it.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sun 23-Sep-12 12:29:23

Maybe I'm being daft, but confused about the delivery/return issue? So when everyone says here on MN that they return clothes back, do they mean you have to package everything again, go to post office & send it off again which defeats the purpose of time-saving? Or am I not understanding something? confused

mirpuppet Sun 23-Sep-12 15:40:16

Maria2007loveshersleep you are not confused the delivery and return can be a major time suck.

Besides making sure deliveries and returns are free. You need to figure out how you are going to get the deliveries -- do you want packages delivered to your work place? If so how will yo get home if you take public transport. Is anyone at home during the day?

Then when stuff doesn't fit -- how will you return. Collect + is good if you have a shop near by -- but you are still queuing -- its a shorter queue than post office -- but they do need to process item for you to give you a receipt.

It can save time if you know a brand well and what suits you. Personally I return about 80% of this stuff I order -- so I still go to shops because it easier to try loads on and eliminate them on the spot.

Chewbecca Sun 23-Sep-12 15:45:19

I also think free returns is essential. I don't mind packing it up again, I like to order lots, try it all on with the right shoes or trousers etc then return what I don't like. Make sure you open the packaging carefully, you just re-pack in same packaging. If it is a plastic bag a la Boden, cut carefully along the line, then you can re-seal by pulling further over for e.g.
There's a newsagents v close to DS school that does collect plus and rarely has a queue more than 1 person and is open virtually 24-7 so I use that for returning goods without feeling it is any hassle.
I tend to order from John Lewis, House of Fraser, bit of Boden, M&S...

MarshaBrady Sun 23-Sep-12 15:49:03

I usually use ones that do returns by DHL. But then you can end up seeing the DHL man too many times.

MOODbyme Mon 24-Sep-12 10:20:01

- Searching for codes is a great idea - for a lot of retailers, it's not easy to get the word out, and for a lot of customers, it's not easy to find the right one at the right time, so any sites like this one that help are good for everyone.

- Be aware that a lot of high street retailers change their sizes slightly on a seasonal basis, so don't believe it must fit this time because it did last time - or that it's you who's got bigger and not the top that's got smaller)

- Know that free delivery is like a free lunch and that you pay for everything somehow. As a promotion, it's credible, as a permanent offer, it's just shuffling the cards.

- Shopping comparison sites, like Google's, can be helpful, but remember that they are also a form of advertising, so the best products can still be hidden.

- UK law gives the consumer in distance selling transactions a lot of rights - find out what they are and don't apologise for expecting them to be respected.

- Try here if you likesmile

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