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shopping for teenage boys' clothes

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GeorgeEliot Thu 05-Jan-12 19:53:33

Just back from fairly painful trip to Gap with ds, nearly 13.

He won't let me choose his clothes any more, and thinks Gap is uncool but doesn't have a clue where we should be going instead.

M&S is just awful, all over-embellished. And Jack Wills too pricey for me.

So where do you go on the High St to buy older boys clothes - he won't do online either as likes to try stuff on?

Megmog2000 Thu 05-Jan-12 19:58:13

H & M is a place I have shopped for my lads, their jeans are great and some things are fairly inexpensive too. I found that my lads preferred sporty type clothes so sports direct for t-shirts/joggers are a good place to go. Sadly as they are now15/16 they wear men's clothes, but that's a struggle for tall but skinny boys!

noteventhebestdrummer Thu 05-Jan-12 19:59:09

Next - online - order multiple sizes and send back the ones you don't want. It's rubbish that you can't try them on on the high street though.

BeaOnSea Thu 05-Jan-12 20:00:37

Depends what height he is but TOP MAN do an XS which fits teenagers.

WhatsWrongWithYule Thu 05-Jan-12 20:02:41

I feel for you - it's a very tricky age for boys' clothes.
DS1 is 16 and still goes to Republic because I'm too stingy for Jack Wills. They do have some expensive things, but always have 3 for 2 type offers as well.

I think New Look have a boys' section now - don't know what age it goes up to. I think the thing is to not go to 'kids'' shops as such, but the cheaper teenage places. Topman might be worth a gander, although my son doesn't like it - their stuff doesn't really suit rugby forwards!
He's also had basic jeans from Burtons, and I know some of his friends like Quba.

BackforGood Thu 05-Jan-12 20:12:00

It's a really tricky couple of years you are coming in to. The fashion / clothes industry doesn't seem to understand that there is a market for children who are BETWEEN children and adult. We really struggled until ds was big enough for adult clothes. Mainly survived - as MegMog says - at Sports Direct and sometimes H&M.

bonzo77 Thu 05-Jan-12 20:18:32

H & M. They do lots of logo- free stuff and are pretty reasonable. Quality a bit variable, but who cares at their prices, especially when DS will grow out of it. I actually have a few of their boys' hoodies (for me), lovely thick soft fabric and wash really well, and only a tenner.

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 05-Jan-12 20:23:36

<marks place as desperate for ideas for DS(13)>

DS is quite tall so has just edged out of Gap Kids size 13XL and into adult XS (but only if it's in the sale!). So maybe it's just the kids stuff that is no longer 'cool'?

I hand him the Next Directory so that he can go through it and point out what sort of stuff he would like. We then go to a Next, if they have it he tries it on, if they don't then we order (age 16!) and see when it comes.

BellaVita Thu 05-Jan-12 20:29:03

Top man, River Island and Republic using the smaller sizes.

I tend to buy more cooler stuff in the sale - Duck and Cover, Penguin, Lyle and Scott, although I do buy normal priced things too, but pick and choose.

Also Superdry is a hit with mine.

GeorgeEliot Thu 05-Jan-12 20:59:48

Some great suggestions here, thank you.

Will give H&M a try. Never even heard of Republic but that looks good too.

Superdry very popular with certain type of bloke at work - didn't know they did kids stuff.

Any other good ideas welcome!

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 05-Jan-12 21:07:09

superdry Small is okay for my very tall 12 yr old but mega spenny


he's never been interested in trendy clothes until now (just gone into secondary) and OMG at the prices, but y'know, no point buying stuff he won't wear (sobs at JL clothes unworn and unloved in wardrobe)

BellaVita Thu 05-Jan-12 21:13:33

Exactly BALD.

I would rather them have a few "nicer" things that they will wear than tons of cheaper stuff they will not.

To be fair, they are at school 5 days a week, so only really need stuff for weekends.

DS has 6 tshirts, a couple of short sleeved shirts and two pair of jeans.

alemci Thu 05-Jan-12 21:18:03

Yes it is tricky. My DS still lets me buy M&S but he is 14. I have bought Johnnie B in the sale and it is very good IMO.

I wish John Lewis did something as I get a discount.

wannabestressfree Thu 05-Jan-12 21:21:46

I get most of my sons gear in Top Shop. The XS even fits my ten year old.

user1951 Mon 20-Feb-17 16:02:57

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

OCSockOrphanage Mon 20-Feb-17 17:37:08

Uniqlo jeans are great for my tall skinny DS17, and wash/wear well. We have had good and bad things from Johnnie B. He went through a phase of wanting "designer" Hollister, Superdry type hoodies. And TK Maxx can produce the goods if you have the patience.

DrScholl Mon 20-Feb-17 17:38:12

all of my sons love it

sadly only in london

DrScholl Mon 20-Feb-17 17:38:53


DressageNut Mon 20-Feb-17 18:58:32

River Island surprisingly popular with DS and H&M and Top Man rapidly gaining in popularity too. He's 13.

MattAffleck Mon 20-Feb-17 19:00:20

I find ASOS really useful.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 20-Feb-17 21:55:40

Watching, I have a very skinny 5'10" 17yo who gives not a shiney sh*t what he puts on his back (which is good for me but I do worry about am I getting it wrong? )

I usually take DD (14.6 loves clothes) to suss out what's what for him, but in reality there are very few places that sell things to fit him (think 26" waist 32" leg and he's growing taller)

Topman, H&M, Primark for slimfit trousers, Tesco jeans fit him well.
I got him a couple of fleeces (Berghouse IIRC) from Millets.
Sometime JD Sports or Sports Direct for TShirts

DS won't wear padded or logos

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