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Hollow, tired eyes.. Anyone here tried fillers for this area?

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idotry Tue 20-Dec-11 16:30:49

I look rough and I want something done. Ideas please? No 'drink more water' replies please.

Cybbo Tue 20-Dec-11 16:35:41

No, but would love to

Will mark spot

ohanotherone Tue 20-Dec-11 17:20:52

let me know too. I tried one session of caci facials which helped a bit but need loads more to actually work....

ameliagrey Tue 20-Dec-11 17:22:50

You can have your tear troughs filled.

If you are serious, then Dr Tracy Mountford is one of the best- I've had a tiny bit of filler in my cheeks from her, and she knows what she is doing.

google the cosmetic skin clinic and her name.

ameliagrey Tue 20-Dec-11 17:24:53

here you go

idotry Tue 20-Dec-11 20:39:52

Many thanks Amelia. Yes I'm deadly serious. Is there a waiting list or are appointment readily available? I'm thinking January.

topsi Tue 20-Dec-11 20:39:55

where are you?

Alouisee Tue 20-Dec-11 20:41:26

A friend of mine had the Tear Trough procedure and looks great.

<Place mark>

idotry Wed 21-Dec-11 01:30:08

I'm in London, so I'll be calling the Harley clinic.

Alouisee Wed 21-Dec-11 07:31:58

My friend had hers done by Lucy Glancy at The Wimpole Clinic.

idotry Fri 23-Dec-11 22:46:14

Did they look any good Alouisee?

Alouisee Fri 23-Dec-11 22:55:51

They looked very good, she had noticeable dark hollows under her eyes for years. I think she combines it with some Botox to do the whole eye area. Have a google, it's all on her website.

I see her in her Essex clinic for Botox and she's very nice and approachable.

ameliagrey Sat 24-Dec-11 09:32:47

she does a Harley St session ever fortnight- used to be Thursdays. She does get booked up you mighthave to wait 3-4 weeks but best thing is to phone. She is lovely- very down to earth and caring and no hard sell.

I asked her what she would do for me!- and she came up with what I was thinking of and no more- she said I didn't need anything else, unless I was really wanting something- considered some lip fillers but was worried about the "down time". But might try this year- my lips are getting thinner each year.

Alouisee Sat 24-Dec-11 11:23:23

She has just had twins so might not be doing as many London clinics at the moment.

HowAboutAHotCupOfShutTheHellUp Sun 25-Dec-11 13:30:11

I had my tear troughs 'done' by Tracy Mountford. V good results and she makes you feel like you're in safe hands. I have Botox with her. This is my second time, the first time was with Dr. Khan, Harley St. However, his bedside manner is nowhere near as good as Dr. Mountford.

ggirl Sun 25-Dec-11 14:26:08

oooh how much was the tear trough thinking about my 50th b'day present

ggirl Sun 25-Dec-11 14:27:34

and do they offer any interest free payment schemes?

ameliagrey Sun 25-Dec-11 19:12:32

I went to Dr Mountford for 2 mls Restylane- and it was £650. Not cheap but that does include a follow up appt a month later. I had to have a consultation beforehand- think everyone does- which was £90 and is non refundable even if you don't go ahead.

So to answer your question, I can't say how much tear trough treatment is but I think it would need more product than I had in my cheeks, so you are looking at around that figure at least.

As far as i know they don't do easy terms- I was simply given an invoice and paid there and then on the day I had the work done.

best to phone them- they are very helpful.

ggirl Sun 25-Dec-11 20:00:23

thanks for that
so save up then smile

echt Mon 26-Dec-11 08:46:04

The thing about the whole drinking water shite is that if it did the things it's meant to do, over and above quenching your thirst, none of the expensive procedures/oils/creams would be needed.

But it doesn't.

echt Mon 26-Dec-11 08:49:43

I'm not suggesting expensive oils, etc. work, but drinking tons of water doesn't either.

Look at all the unlined lovelies from the past. They didn't go out in the sun without a hat or sunshade, or at all. Sorted.

The real deep shadows, probably hereditary, I have no suggestions for.

HowAboutAHotCupOfShutTheHellUp Tue 27-Dec-11 17:23:56

Tear troughs with Tracey Mountford cost me £400. Could be more depending on how much filler is required.

ggirl Tue 27-Dec-11 20:42:36

oooh that's a bit better
def going to call for an apt
i take it tracey mountford is the most £££ to see?

ameliagrey Tue 27-Dec-11 20:46:08

you will still have to pay for the consultation beforehand. They take credit cards- you don't have to pay cash or cheque.

I don't know if she is the most expensive- I doubt it as there is someone else used by celebs- including Carol Vordermann- in Wimpole Street- he's French- forget the name- and he's more £££s.

noddyholder Tue 27-Dec-11 20:47:55

I have found drinking water excellent for over all look of skin.

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