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Beautiful and stylish iphone 4 covers - with a budget!

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vanillagorilla Mon 24-Oct-11 10:55:30

So treated myself to an iphone 4, and so need a nice case to protect it, (I HATE scratched phones etc). Found these, both lovely, but beyond my budget of £25 ish. Anyone seen anything as nice? Plleeeeeeeeaaaaasssseeeee!

Michael Kors

Orla Kiely

ednurse Mon 24-Oct-11 11:00:38

Marc by Marc Jacobs do cute, reasonable ones on Net-A-Porter.

vanillagorilla Mon 24-Oct-11 11:18:04

Thanks ed, they are cute but not sure if am after something sturdier or am just conning myself because I will probably end up getting the michael kors one anyway as an early xmas present to myself but want to pretend i looked for something cheaper

ednurse Mon 24-Oct-11 11:25:08

I love that Michael Kors one. I'm getting a watch for Christmas! Can't decide between a rose gold or horn one....! grin

TheFidgetySheep Mon 24-Oct-11 11:26:29

the kors one is really cute, but i had to abandon a wallet stylee one as it stopped me using the phone easily. Not as posh, but woudl be awful to be disappointed by something lovley

vanillagorilla Mon 24-Oct-11 13:11:52

bump bumpity bump..... (not bored at work or anything, honest).

vanillagorilla Mon 24-Oct-11 21:04:39

bump again!

bibbitybobbitybloodyaxe Mon 24-Oct-11 21:06:43

Oh do go away with your budget (?) and your iphone 4. What an exceedingly dull thread topic. Why don't you spend a bit of time doing your own research?

vanillagorilla Tue 25-Oct-11 09:18:00


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