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Downsizing your wardrobe (without the guilt)...

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MrsSeanBean Sun 16-Oct-11 15:21:52

I've decided I need to have a radical overhaul of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, toiletries etc.

I know the old mantra about getting rid of stuff you don't wear, but every time I try to do this I end up trying on the stuff I don't wear and think 'hmmm, it's not so bad, I really shouldn't throw it out'. Then I end up putting it back in the wardrobe and once again, failing to wear it. I think it is some kind of guilt complex. All the while it's just sitting there annoying me.

Reading this back it sounds pathetic, I should just get rid. Does anyone else suffer from this problem?! I would also be interested to hear what people's tips are for working out the stuff you really need and love and keep. Do you do it on a 'how often worn' basis - or just on a gut feeling?

I'm disappearing beneath surplus possessions and need some help (or maybe a kick up the backside!) It may be a case for mental health not S&B.... but hope someone can empathise and advise!

lupo Sun 16-Oct-11 15:29:04

Just sitting here and thinking of doing the same. I always keep just in case stuff and then never wear it. I have a nice going outside the house wardrobe but tend to hoard okayish stuff for wearing around the house. Will watch with interest for tips

TracyK Sun 16-Oct-11 15:32:26

Do you have attic space or the like. You could box up most of it - document what is in it - if you haven't gone to put it on within a year - get rid!
I've had stuff for years without wearing them - then just one day - I take a fancy for it and then wear it to death!

yellowraincoat Sun 16-Oct-11 15:32:30

I'd say just do it. I chuck stuff out all the time and I never really miss it. Ebay it and buy nice new things for yourself with the proceeds, take it to charity, go to a clothes swap party.

I tend to think if I haven't worn it for a year, I never will.

MrsSeanBean Sun 16-Oct-11 15:48:05

TraceyK - attic idea is a good suggestion - but my problem is that I did tried that approach about 5 years ago and there's stuff up there I need to sort as well. I just delayed making a decision. I know what you mean about finding old stuff and suddenly wearing it - but what I need is a way of deciding/evaluating your (searching for right word here...) - love (?) for an item.

MrsSeanBean Sun 16-Oct-11 15:48:22

Sorry Tracy not Tracey! blush

MyDaydream Sun 16-Oct-11 15:51:40

I do it based on what doesn't look right/fit me any more, what I don't like any more, and what's been worn out. I give myself a whole evening, try everything on, and throw out anything I'm not sure of. I'm ruthless, and find that I never think about those things I get rid of, they went in the charity bag for a reason. And I've recently got out of the habit of keeping those "when I loose weight miraculously overnight with no effort on the jaffa cake diet" trousers, because it never happens and they're just taking up space.

HazleNutt Sun 16-Oct-11 16:09:34

I am quite ruthless now. Used to have tons of clothes, most of them not fitting and not getting worn. so now I do a couple of sorting outs per year and have a wardrobe that fits, flatters and gets worn.
so ask yourself about each item:

- does it fit? not "oh it might fit if I lost weight" or "well I could get it shortened/taken in". Will you really? Even if you do lose weight then shopping for new clothes is a great way to reward yourself.

- does it flatter and is it comfortable or do you need to check and adjust in constantly when wearing?

- do you have another similar, but nicer item?

- have you worn it in the last year? ok 2 max?

-out of shape, faded - ok, you could use some clothes that you can get dirty, for decorating or gardening. but not that many.

-do the shoes fit and can you actually walk in them? or are you in pain and blistering?

Be ruthless. After this you will have a wardrobe where you can grab any item and it will look nice, will fit and flatter. Instead of trying on 20 outfits every day and none of them looking quite right.

TracyK Sun 16-Oct-11 16:23:36

OOh I'd be excited MrsSB - stuff in the attic - you never know what could be up there now!!
For example - I bought a fake fur jacket oh - about 10 years ago - still has its labels on - now its trendy!!!
I think if it was expensive - I'd keep it. Or really well made - even if not fitting - I'd keep it.
My prob used to be that I would keep everything - even shabby stuff - for wearing dog/walking, to go under fleeces etc. I made myself get rid of all that kind of stuff.
Now I have a smaller wardrobe for my 'favourite' clothes of the season and other stuff I want to keep in my spare room wardrobe and just have a root through that once a month or so to remind me.
Get decent storage boxes and take quick snaps of stuff you're keeping - then have a folder on your computer that you can flick through the photos - just to remind you!

crazybutterflylady Sun 16-Oct-11 17:26:17

I had this problem a few years ago. A friend of mine came round and dragged everything out of the wardrobe and went through it with me. I think that made me realise how silly I was being, someone else being there and seeing all the stuff. Anyway sold it on eBay and made about £350 grin

I'm now at the point where I need to do that all over again. I just need a babysitter for 2 days or so...!

I would definitely recommend it. I've never thought about any of the stuff really - most of it was too small then and now I've had a baby wouldn't go near me. Maybe you could put a load of stuff in boxes for say 6 months. And if you'd never gone in the box in that time, it all goes on eBay?

MrsSeanBean Sun 16-Oct-11 17:41:07

Crazybutterfly, yes agree about needing a babysitter! My DS is at the stage where he follows me everywhere prattling incessantly. I can barely concentrate on day to day normalities, let alone getting my head around the chaos of my possessions.

mirpuppet Sun 16-Oct-11 22:24:14

Yes go ahead and discard/ sell/ give away the items you are not wearing.

If you feel extreme guilt give your self a challenge to make an outfit an wear the item -- if you can't do it then it goes.

Example, make a pile of all your long sleeve shirts -- everyday just pick the one on top -- if you can't think of an outfit or won't wear because it is is too scruffy -- etc -- just get rid of it.

saoirse86 Sun 16-Oct-11 22:49:29

I did this the other day. I was very strict and now have a huge eBay pile and hope to use the proceeds to buy more stuff.

The way I did it was by trying to think of other things I can wear with each item to make an outfit I'd actually wear. I ended up getting rid of more than half my wardrobe! shock

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