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I'm being indecisive re footwear for dd (5) to wear in London - suggestions?

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Waswondering Mon 10-Oct-11 21:47:53

Ok ... please bear with me. We're heading to London at the weekend to do all the touristy stuff, and I'm fretting a bit about dd's footwear.

We're heading to London at the weekend and I'm in a quandry re her footwear (and if I'm honest, how cute/coordinated she'll be in subsequent photos wink yes, shallow). She can be a bit flaky if she's out walking and I'm concerned that she'll end up moaning when pounding the pavements.

She currently has school shoes, trainers which are fairly worn but she's had since the summer (and she's complaining are hurting her heel (!)) and some Gap brown suede boots - which are more style than substance (and will be fine for the evening if we're out for dinner etc having been back to the hotel).

So what to do - do I get her new trainers (which I wasn't really planning to do at the moment) or decent, fitted shoes (Clarks/Startrite etc, again, wasn't planning to get just now) - that I know won't hurt her feet in any way. School shoes? They're v nice, black patent, but she'll be in pink/skirts/jeans etc and black won't really go (again, thinking of all the photos frolicking outside Buckingham Palace etc!).

I realise I'm overthinking this but would like her not to moan be uncomfortable with 2 days on London's pavements which are very hard!


Francagoestohollywood Mon 10-Oct-11 21:49:58

I'd get her a pair of good trainers, possibly water proof.

dexter73 Mon 10-Oct-11 21:59:53

I would go with trainers or if you don't want to buy new ones then her school shoes.

Waswondering Mon 10-Oct-11 22:04:48

Thanks .... pondering .... trainers could be ok if she's in her trousers by day and she could then wear cute skirt with existing boots in the evening ....

whiteoleander Mon 10-Oct-11 22:49:52

just whatever she wears at home for a day out. silly to buy new shoes for a lot of walking, though. although London pavements no harder than anywhere else...

ChippyMinton Mon 10-Oct-11 22:52:31

Photograph her from the knees upwards. Job done.

Waswondering Mon 10-Oct-11 23:11:52

Chippyminton - grin

TethHearseEnd Mon 10-Oct-11 23:24:45


Waswondering Tue 11-Oct-11 08:35:21

Teth - i read that as "knickers" ... grin

Forgot about that as an option - aargh!

ClaimedByMe Tue 11-Oct-11 08:37:46

Im sending my dd with her ugg boots and trainers for her trip to london this weekend with my parents, shes 8!

RamblingRosa Tue 11-Oct-11 09:23:31

Go with comfort rather than style. Forecast is good for the weekend so she shouldn't need anything too warm/waterproof. Just something she can walk around in easily. Don't bother buying anything's more likely to rub if she's breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Olivetti Tue 11-Oct-11 10:14:42

Also, the whole point of photos of kids is so they can look back and say, "Oh my God, look at my trainers/plimsolls/Whatevers! Look at that jumper!! Minging!!" grin

dexter73 Tue 11-Oct-11 10:48:46

Photoshop in a pair of Jimmy Choos afterwards!

tassisssss Tue 11-Oct-11 22:52:29

Does she still have doodles from the summer? If it's dry these would do? Our dd has red leather boots from next that amazingly still fit her from last year.

if it weren't that she were complaining about the trainers I'd say go with them.

What were you planning re winter boots? Purple/red or schooly black? or just lovely gap ones for now...

Waswondering Wed 12-Oct-11 08:35:29

Mwah to Tassisssss - yes! She has sandals and the forecast is good. So she could do sandals on a warm day and trainers the next ... that way I can wait 6w till the fab local shoe sale to get new trainers. smile

Re boots - prob going to stick with the Gap ones for now (as it goes with everything in her wardrobe - but don't think they'll be particularly long lasting). She's inherited some Lands End pale pink insulated boots so I'm tempted to leave it at that .... haven't yet thought about black school boots as still loving her shoes.

Decisions .... smile

seeker Wed 12-Oct-11 08:41:42

If she wades her school happily all that means they are comfortable. You would be insane to risk a lot of walking in new shoes just so the photos look good!

jennifersofia Wed 12-Oct-11 09:19:56

Go for comfort - you will be doing a lot of walking and no picture is nice if child is grimacing because of hurting feet.

tassisssss Wed 12-Oct-11 19:32:01 boots, sandals, trainers...that's a lot of options for a small girl!

FimBOOOOOO Wed 12-Oct-11 19:34:16

I would buy her converse. Proper converse though not the cheap copies.

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