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DH looking for a parka...

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CoffeeMum Mon 10-Oct-11 11:56:54

Is it okay to ask for help on behalf of my DH? blush

He's looking for a classic parka with a hood [ideally with furry trim], but it must be waterproof, and warm, but not mega-quilted. Brown, black, olive green, grey, all would be okay.

He can't seem to find anything other than a cagoule/michelin man puffa-parka for going to the arctic/fashion 'winter coat' without even a hood.

We've looked in the following already: Millets, Blacks, Cotswold, Boden, M&S, White Stuff, Fat Face, but no joy yet.

Any help would be gratefully received by both me and my DH. Thanks very much, stylish ladies grin

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