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MrsRobertDuvall Wed 05-Oct-11 16:38:16

how exciting.
Now that we have normal October weather, my feet are cold ...we have wooden floors .

Do you lot wear slippers or just socks?
I did have some purple sheepskin ones from Celtic Sheepskin, but felt like a granny.
Oh and I'm size 9 as well.

meltedchocolate Wed 05-Oct-11 16:42:24

Slippers here. Have to otherwise I get even worse chill blains.

Mousey84 Wed 05-Oct-11 16:43:05

I love heat holder socks

nancythursday Wed 05-Oct-11 18:10:17

Slippers here, even got dh to wear them too.

dexter73 Wed 05-Oct-11 18:33:53

I wear sheepskin slippers. I always get ones with proper soles so I can nip outside and not have to put shoes on.

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