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Going clothes shopping on thurs - what should I buy?

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MrsHollywood Tue 27-Sep-11 22:09:43

On Thursday I am going shopping and I have about £200 to spend. Please help me spend it wisely!

Following the birth of DD (DC2) 3 months ago, I am a little larger than before and have hardly anything to wear. I'm BFing, so need easy access where possible. I'm a 12/14 now with a considerable mummy tummy (was a problem area even before 2 DCs) and large bottom. I'll need to get measured again, but I reckon I'm a 34 D at the mo.

I'm 30 and a bit lost style-wise. I have often gone for Monsoon and Fat Face in the past, but poss want something less mumsy. I have brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin. I think I suit rich jewel colours like plum and teal. I am a SAHM with a 3yo DS as well as DD, so practicality is key. Ideally, I'd like a decent capsule wardrobe I can add to over the autumn/ winter. As well as style ideas, I'd like advice on skinny jeans and shapewear. Hope that's not too much to ask!

Please help me get some inspiration for Thursday! TIA

MrsHollywood Wed 28-Sep-11 15:58:44

Bumping just in case anyone's about!

aftereight Wed 28-Sep-11 16:18:12

Hi, I can recommend Topshop Martha jeans, they are straight rather than skinny, and forgiving on my mummy tummy.
Warehouse have some nice tops and dresses to wear over tights and boots. I have just bought a black stretchy maxi skirt from Topshop to wear with long sleeved tshirts.
Very envious of your shopping spree!

redllamayellowllama Wed 28-Sep-11 18:59:10

You're me a year ago!

What you're really going to want is separates that you can interchange, I guess?

Things I wore loads; winter shorts with tights (I got my Jigsaw herringbone pair in dark green on eBay for £10), I used to wear these with biker boots and invariably a chunky cable-knit jumper (I got mine from Gap and ended up getting two in the same colour as I wore it so much - really easy to pull up and don't lose shape as they're over-sized already).

Another brilliant thing is the Uniqlo heat-tech vests - they keep you really warm and can be put under anything for easy breastfeeding.

This year, I have the Topshop Berry Baxters which I've already worn loads - they liven things up a bit and I think are the best skinnies on the High Street. You'll probably want to size down. I used to wear skinnies with cowl-neck tops (1 from French Connection, 2 from A/Wear) as they were forgiving on my tummy and could just be hoicked down (with the aid of a scarf) for bf-ing.

I also had a lovely denim skirt from Warehouse that was an indigo button-through mini. I often wore it with a plaid shirt (also from Uniqlo). Wore with bikers or ballet pumps,

I tried a couple of dresses but tbh they are never forgiving in the tummy area and always end up looking stretched out in the bf-ing area. Or did for me anyway.

HTH - is what worked for me after feeling fed up the first time round!

redllamayellowllama Wed 28-Sep-11 19:05:59

Here are the Topshop jeans and there are plenty of other colours in the same cut.

redllamayellowllama Wed 28-Sep-11 19:08:45

And the cowl necks were by Inwear here.

posey Wed 28-Sep-11 19:12:22

I'm not the person to give any advice style-wise grin, but I do know that Gap have got a really good mid-season sale on and when I was in there today there were some really nice things, so may be worth a look.

planetpotty Wed 28-Sep-11 19:13:17

I think Oasis would be a good step down from monsoon towards a bit more trendy. I think there jeans are v good for a curvier shape. Love Monsoon stuff before anyone pipes up, but its not as fashionable as other shops!

Ummmm are you adverse to a bit of primarni? to make your money stretch further for things like tights, accessories, leggings? I got a nice sheer shirt type thing which are in fashion at the mo in there the other day which you would be able to BF in, they had loads of them. I wear it with leggings (its long so covers all areas!) and ballet pumps, I feel comfy but looks like ive made an effort. New look although feels quite a cheap shop - I find the stuff wears well.

I wear shapewear a lot, I think the best ones in general are the ones that go from under the bra strap down to mid thigh. But they may not be everyones cup of tea smile My M and S ones are seriously old now.... like about 4 years old!! and after 2 DC are still doing a brilliant job of smothing out the bumps smile I dont have a problem with them rolling down but they have invented a little clip that clips onto your bra to combat this.

We call them mummies magic pants in this house....a friends Dad even wrote a story book about them grin

MrsHollywood Wed 28-Sep-11 20:11:09

Brilliant - thanks ladies.

Will definitely check out Topshop jeans, Oasis and M&S for pants. I like the cowl neck - looks like it would be good for BFing. I also like shirt/skinnies/ballet pump look, so will think about that, too. I certainly don't mind Primarni, but there isn't one where we're going, so will visit one another time.

All further suggestions welcome, but thanks again for thoughts so far!

belsize77 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:22:46

Given I am in a very similar situation to you I can really recomend M+S tummy control vests.
I read about them on a thread on here and now have two. I actually bought them for my return to work in formal corporate suits but they are comfy enough that I have started to wear them casually. You don't go down a dress size or anything that extreme but generally just look better, particularly the "muffinish" area IYSWIM. The bust part is stretchy thin fabric so breast feeding is no problem.

Am keenly following the advice of others on the capsule wardrobe. My only really good buys so far were in tk maxx where they had some nice cowl neck cashmere jumpers for 30 quid and some cardi coats which go well with skinnies, a bf allowing top and maybe a scarf. Since feeding the DC's I have become a massive scarf person. I don't think it's so much modesty as their ability to shield your stomach. In some ways I think having a tummy is worse if the rest of you is still pretty slim as it seems more obvious.

MrsHollywood Wed 28-Sep-11 21:39:43

Ooh yes, I've heard of those before, I think. I'll definitely try one! Thanks for that.

Quick question though - just been thinking about cowl neck tops - are they really that easy to feed in? I've always more of a top up person rather than top down, but I want more variety in my clothes so am happy to experiment.

planetpotty Wed 28-Sep-11 21:44:20

Only thing with top down is you might want to cover the cleavage bit - I say might you might be ok with it(big boobs for me so head doesnt cover much. I just used to what DDs blanket over my shoulder.

Ambernj1 Thu 29-Sep-11 10:44:08

Yep, I have a 3 month old myself (DC2) and much like red I favour the skinnies and cowl neck approach - have a couple from LKB and Phase 8 which I find v useful. Also second the heatech vests, invaluable!

Dresses/tunics I have found to be a bit of a pain, and I also made the mistake of spending out over £100 on a couple of Isabella Oliver nursing tops I never wear because finding the little holes is a total arse-ache.

Anyway, probably all academic as you were shopping y'day - what did you buy?

yummybunny Thu 29-Sep-11 10:56:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

planetpotty Thu 29-Sep-11 11:03:07

I soo miss heels sad I just cant run fast enough after DS (2) in them! Also my bloody feet seemed to have changed since having DC im a full size bigger so none of my lovely pre-preg shoes fit properly and they change size during a night out hmm very odd post preg trotters!

belsize77 Thu 29-Sep-11 11:21:31

Yes - do tell us what you bought....I love feedback!

Also, if it's not a bit of a hijack, what are people wearing on their feet with these chic but baby carrying and toddler chasing outfits, particularly now Autumn is coming?

planetpotty Thu 29-Sep-11 11:27:49

Ballet pumps are a godsend for me with (can't believe im saying it) nude pop socks when it gets a bit chillier.

I have a pair of brown, flece lined, suede, hard soled boots which go with lots.

I did by a pair of heeled boots which have a low heel on so I feel a little bit glam smile Miss my sky scrapers though sad

Is it me or did I wear a lot of the stuff in the shops in the late 90s? not the best era to re-visit grin

MrsHollywood Fri 30-Sep-11 15:41:07

Well, I didn't do very well! I got a couple of nice scarves but not much else! I did buy one of those M&S camisoles but when I got it home, I couldn't get it over my head or past my thighs!! I suppose I just need to size up?

I couldn't find any jeans that looked half decent on me. I couldn't find any comfy ballet pumps either, but I suppose we're moving out of ballet pump season anyway.

Anyway, it looks like Internet shopping is the way forward for me, so any suggestions for good websites welcome!

pissedrightoff Fri 30-Sep-11 16:12:13

Those vests need to be stepped in to (I have the primark versions)

MrsHollywood Fri 30-Sep-11 18:14:23

Sadly, the one I thought was my size wouldn't go past my thighs - it was a bit depressing! Do you think the Primark one is a good one?

Casmama Fri 30-Sep-11 19:07:04

I would say the primark ones are great. I can get them over my head and they are only a fiver each. Only come in black and white though - think there may be a greater choice of colours in M & S.

planetpotty Fri 30-Sep-11 21:41:32

I really dont recomend it but....seriously, me getting in my magic pants is a sight to behold think trying to put a football inside a sock and its somewhere close grin Lots of huffing puffing and hip swinging, it really would be easier for me just to buy a size up but im in total denial!

I find it quite hard shopping as the seasons are changing, and this sunny weather would put me off too. I would be thinking maxi dresses and linnen trousers when we need head to toe wool smile Might be a bit more successful in a few weeks time when the colder weather has kicked in?

MrsHollywood Fri 30-Sep-11 22:09:52

You're right, planetpotty - in fact, I actually tried on a really nice maxi dress but stopped myself buying it because I knew I'd hardly get a chance to wear it! I really want to be buying long cardigans, scarves and boots but it's hard in this weather!

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