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Sample Sale Etiquette

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notanumptyalways Wed 21-Sep-11 14:02:40


I absolutely love this store and signed up for their sample sale which is tomorrow.

But I have never been to a sample sale before and don't know what to expect. I am really excited because I got an email today telling me I had been picked to receive VIP treatment on the day including a glass a champagne, the chance to browse an hour earlier and a FREE ITEM from the sale! grin So I am definitely not missing it, but what should I expect?

Is it really lots of pushing and shoving? Should I wear casual clothes and flats? And I am 38 weeks pregnant so going with the idea of buying things at my pre pregnancy size that I can give to other people if I never end up fitting into them.

Will it just be very old styles on offer and are the discounts usually worth the effort?

Any advice for a sample sale virgin?

Angel786 Wed 21-Sep-11 14:23:11

Hiya, haven't been to that particular ss but been to lots of others, McQueen, Matthew Williamson, Hermes etc. Usually those ones are past season stock but v reasonably priced. In a warehouse / large hall, no proper fitting rooms.

My advice would be wear leggings / tights and a vest so you don't feel too uncanny trying things on if communal fitting rooms. Wear flats In case you need to queue. Be prepared to check your handbag in.

Enjoy grin

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