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Seven for All Mankind Gwenevere Jeans ....

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Millie1 Wed 14-Sep-11 10:51:52

Does anyone have these or has anyone tried them on? Just wondering what they're like on? They are reduced from £200 to £60 with Brand Alley - seemed too good to miss so I ordered as I ran out the door to do the school run. Guess I can return if they're not nice grin!

corygal Wed 14-Sep-11 13:08:51

Yes I do - they are the classic skinny ones I believe. Check the length is ok for you. They are exquisitely comfortable but low-rise. A fine purchase.

If you get addicted, TK Maxx usually do 7FAM around this time of year for £40 or less. But only reliable if you are under size 29 - have to hunt for 30-32.

Millie1 Wed 14-Sep-11 13:36:14

Aaaargh! The description said they were high rise! Oh well, shall wait and see. Think I ought to have ordered a size smaller than I did. Thanks for replying. Seven jeans are usually a good fit but for some reason I find my Roxannes really uncomfortable - they cut into my hip [ hmm].

corygal Fri 16-Sep-11 10:36:38

They come in high-rise too! Don't worry. What gets me about jean styles is that the makers use the same name for a jean that comes in different

- washes
- leg length
- rise
- trimmy bits
- fabric
- lycra content

I reckon they just run out new season jeans under the same name of the styles that sold best last year - 'The New A-pocket' etc. As if buying jeans wasn't easy enough already....

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