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Should I cut my hair?

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hillyhilly Tue 06-Sep-11 10:13:38

I'm 42, had short hair all through my 20's and early 30's and liked the ease of it but disliked that it always looked the same - my face was a fair bit fatter then though obviously it was also younger!!
I've had it longish since then, never past my shoulders and have recently had it cut into a chin length bob and I am starting to hate it, I hate my life being dominated by my hair and feel like I am spending my life trying to persuade it to be something it isn't.
So, I am seriously thinking of chopping the lot off, I am thinking of Kerry Katona's new cut or Kate Silverton - who else has shorter hair that looks good?
I am a bit scared, please all you ladies with easy to care for shorter hair, come and convince me I won't regret it!
My hair is mousy, and very fine but there's lots of it and it goes very fluffy/ frizzy at the first sign of damp. I have it coloured every 5 weeks anyway so would easily be able to get it trimmed regularly.
Where I can I look for inspiration (or nerve)?

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