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Good quality jeans?

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thelittlefriend Mon 05-Sep-11 21:24:48

I usually buy my jeans in Next, which are ok, but I want to get a better quality pair that might fit better.

What can you "people in the know" suggest?

I would say my favourite style is bootcut (I'm a size 12 5ft 8ish pear shape), but would ideally want something I can wear under boots, so should I go for straight leg?

Looking to pay about £100.


SaggyHairyArse Mon 05-Sep-11 21:54:50

I would go to John Lewis and get the pair that suit you the best from there as you can try on Levis, Diesel etc all under one roof.

TuftyFinch Mon 05-Sep-11 22:00:50

APC. They're French. Raw denim, will last years and wear well. You can buy direct from APC online but if you live near to a big town it might be worth going to Urban Outfitters to try them on, they're vanity sized so you need to maybe go down one size. Uniqlo also do good jeans, Japanese raw denim and much cheaper.

pollyblue Mon 05-Sep-11 22:12:39

I love Gap bootcut or flares. I'm 5'9 and size 10 and find their 34" leg is perfect. Used to buy jeans solely from next but last couple of pairs I've bought have been a really poor fit (way too big, oddly) and poor quality denim. Oh, and the long length seems to have shrunk a bit (can't believe I've suddenly got any taller at the age of 42 smile)

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