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Prominent nipples - help!

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FleurTing Sat 03-Sep-11 15:38:39

Does anyone know how best to disguise prominent nipples? They show through almost all my bras except the very thickest of my padded ones, so I seem to have a choice between looking permanently excited or like a Dolly Parton wannabe! Am I the only woman in the universe with this problem? Does anyone else suffer from it? And I mean suffer - it`s embarrassing. I`d be grateful for a solution.

sloggies Sat 03-Sep-11 15:44:31

You can get silicone nipple covers, which stick on, and are good for a lot of uses before the stickiness wears off. You can get then mail order. I think Amplebosom might do them, but must be lots of other people also. You can also get daisy-shaped plasters, but these are a bit painful to get off, and give, err, intersting plaster marks afterwards....hth.

FleurTing Sat 03-Sep-11 15:53:47

Thanks sloggies, I`ll look out for the silicone shields. I already tried a bra with in-built daisy-shaped shields, which helped slightly, but I could see the outline of the flowers through close-fitting clothes. The last time I saw nipples like mine was on a small mongrel we used to have...

sloggies Sat 03-Sep-11 17:07:47

Lol....the silicone ones are a bit more natural, you shouldn't be able to see then outline.

sloggies Sat 03-Sep-11 17:08:15

the outline

FleurTing Sat 03-Sep-11 19:41:36

I`ll try them, sloggies, thanks!

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