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Hatley raincoats for kids - Anybody had these??

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maxbradbury Mon 29-Aug-11 15:45:51

If so I would just like to know what you thought of these? Ie did they wash well? are they good quality ? Thanks.

birdswood Mon 29-Aug-11 17:05:16

My son had a Hatley coat this year which has been brilliant - it washes well in the machine but mainly just needs a wipe on the outside! The lining is terry cotton so has added warmth than a normal rain mac. It has had lots of compliments!

bigbadtiger Mon 29-Aug-11 17:09:38

My DD has one of these. We havent washed it yet, as just bought it last week. It seems to be good quality though, DD loves it and has had lots of compliments. You can get matching umbrellas and wellies for some of the designs.

Zwitterion Wed 31-Aug-11 07:17:15

DD (19 months) has one. It's warm and washes very well- washed at least three times since bought a few months ago.

I went for the age 2 coat and she wears the sleeves rolled up a bit, but otherwise fits fine and will last into next year hopefully.

Ambernj1 Wed 31-Aug-11 08:51:08

Yep, DS (20mo) has one, bought a couple of weeks ago - haven't washed it yet but is great in the rain and the design (tractors in our case) means he actually loves wearing it (even round the house over his nappy when it's not raining...)

oldraver Thu 01-Sep-11 00:25:51

DS has had one for two years ans I am now looking to get a bigger size one. It had the nice terry lining for a bit of warmth and the outer is a lovely soft fabric that is flexible not like stiff plastic

We DS's Dad also 'lost' it at October half term, which was annoying as it rained all week. A few days into the new term I walked into town a different way and found the coat threaded through some trellis. It had been there nearly two weeks in pouring rain and still looked in new condition

DS has the Aliens one and he loves making it glow in the dark

DedalusDigglesPocketWatch Thu 01-Sep-11 08:26:50

I got dd one a couple of weeks ago. So far I am very impressed. She is tall for her age (nearly 4) so I got age 5 and rolled the sleeves up.

GoodDaysBadDays Thu 01-Sep-11 09:13:21

Ds had one last year. It looked lovely and was warm and dry but the poppers gradually ripped off within a few months. It was worn a lot but wasn't very impressed as they're not cheap.

I wouldn't buy another, which is a shame as I think they look lovely.

Marne Thu 01-Sep-11 09:15:15

Dd1 has one and its great, always washes well and she says its very comfortable.

bigeyes Thu 01-Sep-11 11:23:49

Yes great wsah well, distinctive and always had nice comments about it. I also bought a slightly larger on which lasted just over two years. Sad when he couldnt wear it anymore. We also had the brolley too!

oldraver Tue 06-Sep-11 11:53:08

GoodDays That doesnt sound good, we haven't had any popper problems luckily

There is a new olderboys/girls coat that starts at 4-5. and has a zip available now

Pootles2010 Tue 06-Sep-11 13:36:46

No we've not had popper problems either. Not washed it though, and ds is only 13 months, so maybe doesn't get as much wear?

It's lovely though, and like others have said is nice & warm.

BarryShitpeas Tue 06-Sep-11 17:47:23

Ds had one last year and is wearing it still. It is cute but not as waterproof as his Trespass one. Also, the hood doesn't stay on as well as an elasticated one.

I wouldn't buy one again tbh, but ds likes the pattern of it.

friggFRIGG Tue 06-Sep-11 17:56:19

oh idiot me i just started another thread on this..
what sizings did you go for?DD is 3yrs and average size,should i get 3yrs or 4yrs?

MrsBloomingTroll Tue 06-Sep-11 18:11:51

Yes, DD has had one for some time and they wash and wear well. No popper issues here either. And the designs are lovely - just bought her a new one in the next size up for the coming winter.

oldraver Tue 06-Sep-11 18:27:32

Frigg I've seen your other thread but will reply here. I think when clothes are sized the European way I think the sizing is meant 6 months eitehr side of the age range but I would nearly always take it as up to 3 yrs etc

DS is a very small 5 and just growing out of his Age 3 coat. It is...

15"/ 38cm across the chest, under the arms... that is laid flat.

friggFRIGG Tue 06-Sep-11 20:05:37

thankyou oldraver i think i'll get it in '4yrs' and hope it doesn't drown her!grin

planetpotty Tue 06-Sep-11 20:10:11

DS has one he loves his "tactor coat" and matching wellies as everyone has said wipe clean, flecey inside etc

Also the wellies have hooks on so its easy for the LO to pull the wellies on (my DS 2 has been able to put them on for a while - only 50% of the time on correct feet though!)

I am a mum on a budget and the hatley coats and wellies are definitely worth the money.

friggFRIGG Tue 06-Sep-11 20:27:16

right well,now ive ordered mine,i can direct you all here to what i think is a rather good deal...they have the wellies toogrin

AlmaMartyr Tue 06-Sep-11 20:58:36

My DD has one, it's a hand-me-down (she's the 4th to use it) and it's fab. Very distinctive and gets lots of compliments. Quite cosy and seems v.waterproof.

FootballFriend Tue 06-Sep-11 22:12:29

I notice for some they spell out that they are waterproof, are the others not as good in heavy rain?

MilliONaire Tue 06-Sep-11 22:18:56

DD is on her third one now, she gets one every spring in the next size up and we love them! Nice and light, yet warm and shower proof, plus the patterns are super cute. Can't fault them and we have never had any problems with poppers etc.

GoodDaysBadDays Wed 07-Sep-11 23:15:20

Well good to know my popper issues are rare!

Thanks for that links oldraver, I might eat my words and go for a zip one!

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