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Sudden style emergency - need to buy good business clothes this afternoon

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TheProvincialLady Mon 29-Aug-11 07:02:54

I would really appreciate your help on this. I have to meet a very very senior business person on Wednesday and I have absolutely nothing to wear because I don't normally need to wear business type clothes. This meeting will be the first of (hopefully) many more of its kind, so I need something really good that will last a while.

I am 5'2" which makes it harder to find grown up clothes. Size 6, big bosoms, needs to be forgiving round the tummy. Not black. Must be purchasable today in a medium sized shopping district (JL, Hobbs, Reiss, Debenhams, Zara, the usuals). I am blonde and very pale skinned. I have resigned myself to spending what is necessary. Help!

gregssausageroll Mon 29-Aug-11 07:53:35

The only place that springs to mind that is likely to have petite clothing range in store would be Next but definitely try Hobbs and M&S. DO you have a John lewis nearby? If so, that would be my first port of call.

Good luck.

I am assuming you are going for a suit but a wrap dress with heels would be good too.

TheProvincialLady Mon 29-Aug-11 07:58:11

My local Next does have a big petites section but I always worry I will set off sparks as I walk past all the polyester office weargrin Yes we do have John Lewis and I will start there. I didn't think about M&S but will try there if no luck elsewhere.

Do you really think a wrap dress is ok? I would feel much more comfortable in one than a suit.

MissBeehiving Mon 29-Aug-11 08:04:26

Precis Petite is stocked at Debenhams and JL - anything you like? Think a wrap dress is fine.

MissBeehiving Mon 29-Aug-11 08:06:37

I love this out of stock on line but might have it in store, although might be too long?

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 29-Aug-11 08:09:37

I would definitely recommend Hobbs or LK Bennett or possibly Jigsaw.

Hobbs and LK Bennett have lots of smart dresses which would work well.

This is lovely, navy and flattering over tummy and a size 6.

QuickLookBusy Mon 29-Aug-11 08:19:52

I'm a similar shape to you but a size 8 and find Jigsaw and LK Bennett fit really well.

PerryCombover Mon 29-Aug-11 08:21:21

Hard for petite..but Wallis also do a Petite line which might be worth a shout

PerryCombover Mon 29-Aug-11 08:26:37

Boden do petite now...order for next day delivery?

TheProvincialLady Mon 29-Aug-11 08:52:21

Thanks everyone, lots to think about. I think I will go for a dress then. I-- look-- feel like my mum in anything approaching a suit. And I can get more wear out of a dress.

The precis petite stuff is surprisingly ok. I remember it as being suitable for old ladies (based only on looking about twice whilst aged 25). There is a section in my local JL so I'll see what the dresses are like in RL. So much depends on the fabric.

MissB that Reiss dress would definitely be too long. Nice colour though. I LOVE the LK Bennett dress but there isn't one near me. I daren't order anything online because of the strong probability of things not fitting or suiting me.

I'll try all the shops you suggest. Dress shopping is fine, it's suit shopping that fills me with terror!

Likeaheadlesschicken Mon 29-Aug-11 08:58:22

I think M&S has 20% off all of it's women's suits for the BH weekend so may be worth going to look there.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 29-Aug-11 09:00:10

John Lewis generally stock lk bennett.

Let us know how you get on smile

SeniorWrangler Mon 29-Aug-11 09:03:07

Pepperberry clothes from Bravissimo? If they are not too long?

TheProvincialLady Mon 29-Aug-11 09:20:22

Mine doesn't MrsC, I checked. Grr.

Yes I will let you know how I get on. There's only DH and two preschooler boys at home to share my shopping with, so I'm not expecting much constructive criticism there.

TheProvincialLady Mon 29-Aug-11 17:16:51

Well I'm back and it was a success. I bought this dress, which is nothing like what I would normally buy but it is very flattering, fits me well and looks the part. It looks terrible in that picture but be assured, I do look nice in it. And I'll feel much more comfortable than I would have done in a suit, so thanks everyone for showing me I could wear a dress.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 29-Aug-11 17:37:14

Oh that's lovely.

What you wearing with it?

MissBeehiving Mon 29-Aug-11 17:41:55

Love a bit of animal

SeniorWrangler Mon 29-Aug-11 21:34:49

You've hit the motherlode with that dress. It's fantastic.

TheProvincialLady Mon 29-Aug-11 22:58:04

Oh I'm so glad you like it. The photo really doesn't do it justice.

I already had great heels to go with it, and a bag, so I just needed to buy some chunky wooden/ceramic beads for my neck (from M&S but not on the website for some reason so I can't link) and some beaded bracelets from accesorize

I also got my eyebrows threaded and my upper lip at the same time. Or at least I thought I was just getting my upper lip done, but she spent a long time in the fu manchu area so I am expecting her to do the full beard next timeshock

Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate your help.

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