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Boden - what is it all about???

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9reenflower Sun 21-Aug-11 22:45:55

I joined MN not too long ago and started to sneak over to the style & beauty talk and noticed that there are LOADS of posts about Boden. I hadn't heard of Boden before confused and really started to wonder what it is with Boden on here...

could somebody enlighten me. I really wonder...


shivster1980 Mon 22-Aug-11 18:21:08

I don't buy the clothes for myself (I have a very limited budget) but I do buy for my DS, mainly in the sale or with codes/coupons.

I find for a 5 year old boy the designs are spot on, the colours bright and vibrant and the quality excellent. They wash well and are therefore hardwearing. My DS has passed on numerous items to a friend's child who is now using them for her younger son as well. 3 DCs wearing a t-shirt is pretty good value for money. smile

I couldn't comment on the adult clothing though. Apart from a top I bought from ebay I don't have any.

YouDoTheMath Thu 25-Aug-11 20:36:32

I've always associated the adult stuff in Boden with people who drape jumpers around their shoulders and tie the sleeves together... but that might be because a former colleague used to receive the brochure in the work post and he was like that, so I think I've tended to associate it with him. Would be happy to be proved narrow-minded, though!

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