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Style revival

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PinkSchmoo Sun 21-Aug-11 22:16:45

For the first time since the arrival of DS I am getting a day to myself next Saturday and I want to shop!

I'm 5 6, size 10 and carrying about 4 lbs extra (hopefully 2 by then....) but basically pretty close to my original state. I'm also breast feeding. I would like to update my wardrobe, a few more expensive bits and some more seasonal throw away stuff.

I have loads of good boots and sandals but slightly lacking in shoes. Footwear must be practical. Handbags ok too.

Work for myself and want some cross over type stuff. Professional but not suit, can be smart but funky.

Budget is c £500. What would you buy???

lollipoppet Mon 22-Aug-11 00:05:34

Sorry I am not very fashiony, nor a lovely size ten so am too scared to answer but am hoping this will bump and someone more in the know will answer! (i just hate it when you don't get any replies!
Enjoy your shopping spree! (well jealous!)

onelily Mon 22-Aug-11 11:42:56

since u jst had a baby, i would suggest go with some nice tops , so tht its comfy and u can easily handle ur baby. somehow i feel in a dress u are too conscious of urself that u cant think abt the baby.
look at this one comes in different colours too, or this
with some nice trousers.
for shoes i would suggest go for flats and handbag go for radleys. My sister gave me a nice radley bag after my daughter which is a lil expensive

Hope this helps!

PinkSchmoo Fri 26-Aug-11 13:43:43

Thanks lolly and lily!
Had a good look through some magazines and looking forward to getting some nice bits and some time out from the dcs. Suddenly DH isn't quite so blasé about having them both l day....

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